Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Broadside 8-26-13

It was all District 36 on The Broadside last night.

  • MDGOP Chair, Diana Waterman's failed leadership, and lobbying for Audrey Scott.
  • The Queen Anne's County re-vote.
  • A debate on special elections to fill vacancies.
  • Rep. Andy Harris' involvement.
  • Steve Hershey vs. Mike Smigiel: Is the conventional wisdom right?

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1 comment:

dwb said...

i think that the point about the constitutional amendment affecting interparty politics and candidate selection goes well beyond the "ease" of which is is to accomplish this.

The democrats control the process, and have an incentive to make the MDGOP eat a turd sandwich at every turn. They need not keep the process to the same party, they can open it up to a whole new special election. They may even want to roll into an update of the recall process (for Dwyer).

Since they control the process, think of the worst outcome the dems could impose on the MDGOP and get approved through the ballot, that's the result of the wording of the amendment that appears.

The average voter will probably want a full-on special election. It's good to look for improvements to the process, be careful what you wish for.