Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Broadside 7-22-13

The latest edition of The Broadside is up.

With Andrew Langer on assignment, friends of the Network Bryan Gambrill and Dennis the Cynic join Mark for the first Broadside broadcast from the new house.

They guys talked Detroit's bankuptcy and how that affects Maryland and Baltimore.

The $400 million in taxpayer subsidies involved in Baltomore's Harbor Point development.
Betting on the royal baby name.

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dwb said...

Re: Detroit v Baltimore

I think that the guest correctly identifies the public debt and underfunded pension obligations in Maryland/Baltimore - but glossed over the severity and urgency of the problems. Maryland and Baltimore cannot grow their way out of this, Pensions NEED TO BE CUT SEVERELY.

Because the Republicans have ceded the urban vote, they have no say in the fix, no persuasive power, and nobody in office to fix this.

This is going to be a MAJOR ISSUE as Detroit moves through bankruptcy and sets the pace of urban renewal (just as GM because a lean automaker after bankruptcy, i expect Detroit to rebound after bankruptcy).

cutting public debt in THE urban issue, Republicans need to carpe diem not downplay it.