Thursday, March 21, 2013

Red Maryland Radio Tonight

Join me and Greg Kline tonight at 8 PM for this week's installment of Red Maryland Radio.

On tonight's show:
  • Continuing coverage of the "No Left Turn Tour" scandal;
  • Maryland College Republicans Co-Chairman Fiona Moodie joins us to discuss the proposed State Party bylaw amendment that would give the Chairs of the College Republicans and Young Republicans a vote on the State Party Executive Committee;
  • The Gas Tax continues to work its way through the General Assembly; we discuss its implications for Maryland.
All that and more tonight. Be sure to tune in tonight at 8, only on the Red Maryland Network.


dwb said...

over a million emails were sent opposing O'Malleys gun ban legislation. how many were sent opposing the gas tax? I hear O'Malley is on the ropes on the gun ban legislation, up the heat!

We already have an online handgun safety course, magazine capacity restrictions, universal background checks, regulated firearms, a gun registry, dealers have to keep records.

In fact, the Brady Campaign for gun violence gives Maryland the highest rating for strict laws.

Yet we have the 5th highest murder rate in the country. over half of traced/recovered crime guns in Maryland were bought in Maryland.

The only thing that is "common sense" about the proposal is that 10% of maryland drivers dont have insurance, and criminals and gangbangers will continue to get guns no matter what the law says.

When Baltimore City stops graduating kids who cannot read and whose only opportunity is selling drugs, I predict only then will the violence end.

Marcel said...


I agree. But I would not say the Owe Malley's gun grabbing bill is on the ropes, though. They are still going to pass it with the assault gun ban and new handgun licensing and onerous gun training requirements - I can almost guarantee you that's not going away. They just may add some BS amendments that will not chance it much.

Plus the libs and the MD Democrat party got a big victory today. The court upheld MD's ridiculous conceal carry permit law. As you all should know, MD's law makes it pretty much impossible for law abiding citizen to get a handgun permit in MD.

Now the gas tax? You're right, they are probably going to pass that as early as Friday. Many people are sleeping on this one and you're right, there has been no real protest or emailing or calling on this bill. What is so dangerous about this gas tax bill is that the gas tax will rise automatically into the future with inflation, and they will never have to vote on it again!

This has been a bad session, and they are not done yet! Their trying to shove all these bad bills through at the last minute.

dwb said...

the irony of the CCW decision being handed down today is that i read in the sun that overtime for police is being reigned in, yet there is a serious warfare problem in the NW and they put detectives on patrol.

why cant they just let the citizens police their own neighborhood and issue more permits? The citizens know who the bad guys are.

the only small gem in the trash decision today was that the court also noted that the right to defense in ones home is subject to the stricter scrutiny standard. So I hold out some small hope that the same court would strike much of what they are proposing. when my daughter is in college i am thinking of moving south where people are treated like adults.