Saturday, March 9, 2013

Maryland’s double standard for petition rights versus voting rights

By Ann Miller
Baltimore County Republican Examiner

Both are equally fundamental Constitutional rights: the right to vote and the right to petition.

Yet, Maryland Democrats have introduced two bills attacking petition rights alongside a slew of bills expanding voting rights.  Hearings on all these bills were heard the same day in the Ways and Means Committee on February 21.  On the senate version of the bill, hearings were held on February 28 by the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee.

There couldn’t have been a starker contrast made if I had assembled a side-by-side comparison chart myself.

To be clear: I am all for supporting voting rights, voting access, and voting integrity as well as the same for petition rights.

But it seems some Democrats don’t feel the same way I do about both of these Constitutional and fundamental rights.

While our Democrat representatives were nodding their heads in support of expanding early voting locations, days of operation, early voting voter registration, and absentee ballot list creation guidelines, the same were sponsoring legislation to increase signature requirements trifold and create bureaucratic hardships for petitions.

While refusing to secure the integrity of our elections, which have proven histories of voter fraud, even a current case of conviction of a Baltimore County Democrat candidate for congress double voting in two prior elections, our elected officials create new infringements on petition rights to solve non-existent problems.

To put it in perspective, voting at the polls requires integrity in order for our elections to truly represent the will of the people.  Petitions only allow a question to be placed on the ballot for a vote of the people - the worst that can happen with too lax petition requirements is that the people get to vote on a question.

The double standard is clearly a function of political maneuvering on the part of the monopolistic party in power.  Petitions are the people’s only recourse when they question the wisdom of our legislature in passing an unpopular bill.  It is The People’s Veto power.  We get final say.

The arrogant officials who sponsor legislation which serves only to destroy the viability of petitioning in Maryland seek to silence the will of the people.  They don’t want their decisions to be second-guessed by the public they were elected to serve.  It’s an embarrassment to them.

Folks, if they pass these two bills against petition rights in Maryland, we will have no viable petition process.  And there’s no way to undue it once it’s done.  We will have one shot to overturn these unconstitutional attacks on our rights through the very process they seek to destroy - The Referendum Petition.

Protect the People’s Veto.

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dwb said...

the real double standard is in O'Malleys gun legislation:

The fingerprinting requirement disproportionately impacts minorities. According to a 2007 DOJ study, of crime guns recovered, "Guns were generally 4 to 5 times more likely to be recovered by police when purchased by African-American buyers and up to 3 times more likely when purchased by buyers from Baltimore City or suburbs close to Baltimore or D.C."

Frosh said in MD senate debate that the idea was to deter the "girlfriend." hmmm - was he thinking of this study?

Of the 2718 recovered crime guns in 2011, that were bought in Maryland, why we are not enforcing existing laws. You have a constitutional right to personal safety and protection in your home. If they can make you get fingerprinted to exercise that right, they can make make you get fingerprinted to vote. Would that be acceptable?

Maryland laws already require universal background checks with photo ID

Maryland already has a handgun registry, online safety, limits magazine capacity, regulates "military style" weapons, and dealers must keep records.

Maryland ranks among the strictest states according to the Brady Campaign for Gun Violence. Yet, it ranks among the worst for homicide, and the majority of recovered crime guns are bought in Maryland.

Maryland is the Free State - for criminals.

I love how MoM is already running in the primaries. "Hi my name is Martin O'Malley, and I am here to take your guns and raise your taxes."