Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Greg Kline to Appear on C4 Show Today

Since announcing his candidacy for Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, Greg Kline has been overwhelmed by the words of support and encouragement from Republican activists across the state. Today, he will begin to share his plan on how to take the Maryland Republican Party in a new direction.

Greg Kline will be a guest on the C4 Show today from 12 Noon-1 PM tomorrow sharing his plan for moving the Maryland Republican Party in a new direction. Please listen live on 1090 AM, WBAL or online at wbal.com.

Implementing a new plan is a team effort. It will take hard work and dedication by activists and Central Committee members alike in order to take this party in a new direction. I encourage you to listen to the show and contact Greg with your questions or concerns at gregorykline@aol.com.

Be sure to follow Greg's campaign online at http://www.klineformdgopchair.com and on Twitter, @GregoryKline.


dwb said...

but if the legislature has the attitude that we do it "because we can" its because delegates constantly get re-elected for 15-20 years. Delegates believe they are invincible and are arrogant. until they are presented with real competition, there will be no change.

Marcel said...

You did a good job, Greg. I heard you on the show. I commend you for stepping up and running for the position yourself. It's better than the people who continue to sit back and complain and don't do anything. You are the man for the job, and I hope you win.

Greg Kline said...

Thank you, Marcel.