Monday, April 30, 2012

The Broadside Tonight 7pm

Tonight on The Broadside.

Mark and Andrew welcome Red Maryland's newest contributor "Mrs. Reason" June Smith.  June is the widow of the late great Ron Smith "Mr. Reason."  June will update us on her endeavors at and Team Reason's fight against pancreatic cancer. 

Nicolee Ambrose won the slugfest for MDGOP National Committeewoman this past weekend.  The guys will discuss her win and what will happen moving forward.

Andrew will tell us about his trip to Heritage's Resource Bank

Mark had a celebrity siting Friday night, and did he cause Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to flee happy hour?

All that and more on The Broadside.  Watch the show on the Red Maryland Network Ustream channel starting at 7pm.   

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June Smith

Mary Poppins is in Baltimore. She’ll be at the Hippodrome Theatre through May 6, 2012. It’s a limited engagement, complete with the flying nanny and familiar songs, but I won’t be in the audience.

I don’t need another nanny, not even the most famous one. I already have one: the U.S. Government.
Unlike Ms. Poppins, who has only the best interest of the Banks family at heart, Nanny-in-Chief Obama and his ilk are only interested in protecting us from the things that don’t harm us and subjecting us to the things that do.

Currently, the story of our nation reads less like a frothy, musical adapted by the Disney conglomerate and more like a story from the Brothers Grimm collection. “The Story of a Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was” comes to mind, but I digress.

The President doesn’t have a magic umbrella and he won’t be floating in to save us from anything or save us any money, either.

There’s only one nanny in the story by P.L. Travers. Typical of Big Government, the “Nanny State” doesn’t have a just one. They have many of them and there’s little chance of a happy ending from any of their actions and antics.
Here’s a grim little tale from Congress to prove the point: In 2007, they launched the Bright Tomorrow Lighting contest, also known as the “L Prize”, a $10,000,000 expenditure to “create a bulb to replace the standard, energy-wasting ‘incandescent’ 60-watt bulb.”
The contest, with its rigorous requirements set in place, was overseen by the Department of Energy. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously, in fewer than four years, the lucky winner—and only entrant—was announced: Phillips, a Netherlands-based manufacturer.
Thanks to their valiant efforts, the sale of the new, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient $60 Philips bulb was launched with great fanfare on April 22, 2012, Earth Day.
Here’s the how the award-winning doller-pe-watt bulb works: It only uses only 10 watts of power, equating to about $8 per year in electricity if it's used four hours a day. The magic bulb is expected to last at least 30,000 hours, or 30 times longer than an incandescent bulb. At four hours per day, that's 20 years.
Shine a light on that for a while and figure out how much money that’s going to save you, if you live long enough.
To further protect us, the U.S. Government will ban incandescent bulbs of 40 watts and above in 2014.
Want another little grim story? How about ObamaCare? It’s going to take more than “A Spoonful of Sugar” to help jam that plan down our throats.
P.L. Travers’ spectacular flying nanny claims that “anything can happen if you let it.” What is happening to us is quite the spectacle as well; however, neither noble nor entertaining, and unless American wakes up, this Piccadilly-style circus will continue. And we won’t be getting a laugh out of it.
Unless the President and his jesters tumble out of office in November, everything can and will continue to happen, the likes of which we’ve yet to see.
Just wait until the next four-year act, filled with more liberty-snatching, tax grabbing, and actions to keep us under their thumb, like the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act with indefinite detention extended to U.S. citizens.

Maybe Congress will launch a contest for the best helmet for professional bull riders and make it mandatory for all riders. More bull for our own protection.

America needs to wake up and sweep Obama out of the White House, and rejoice on election night with a rousing rendition of “Chim Chim Cher-ee” with a slight change to lyrics: “No where is there a more happier crew than them wot sings, Chim chim cher-ee, chim chim cher-oo, there’s Republican President in the White House for you.”

June Smith is the founder of the Ron Smith Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Hopkins and ,her tribute website honoring the legacy of her late husband, Ron Smith, who was a media titan in the central Maryland area and beyond for almost forty years. Her email is

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seeing Red Returns tonight

Seeing Red with John and Andi Morony returns tonight at 7 PM

Listen in or watch live.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Red Maryland Network Special from the MDGOP Convention

If you missed it live listen to our broadcast from the Spring MDGOP Convention.

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We had a plethora of guests including:

U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Bongino
Harford County Executive David Craig
MDGOP Chairman Alex Mooney
MDGOP Executive Director David Ferguson
Delegate Michael Smiegel
Our RedMaryland Network colleague and Seeing Red Host Andi Morony
Anne Arundel County Councilman Jerry Walker
Anne Arundel Republican Central Committee Member David Starr
National Committeewoman candidate Nicolee Ambrose
,,, and many more!

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Friday, April 27, 2012


June Smith

 ▪ Someone forgot to hook the latch on the screen door at a Baltimore City Department of Social Services building on Biddle Street Tuesday morning and Kenisha Thomas walked in for a supervised visit with her baby girl, Pretty Diamond, with a concealed kitchen knife.

During the supervised visit, Ms. Thomas, who has clearly made the case for why her eight-month old daughter is “in the system”, complained about the foster care her pretty little diamond was receiving and expressed her opinion that she could do a better job.

After being informed that the hour-long visit was coming to the end, according to the police report, Mommy Dearest announced “It is about to be over”, put the baby on a table and stabbed her little gem five times.

In the struggle to get the baby out of the room, a staff member threw chairs at Ms. Thomas who fended them off until he could finally restrain her. She then bit the hand of the man that held her down, and God only knows what else happened until the police got to the scene.

A medic unit arrived and whisked the bleeding baby to Johns Hopkins where she is now in stable condition and is expected to survive the attempted infanticide.

At the time she was taken into custody, Ms. Thomas shouted “Lock me up, if I can’t have her, no one will”. She has since been charged with attempted murder, child abuse and assault, and a weapons violation.

She’s now behind bars and receiving mental evaluations and we can only hope her daughter will never be near her or in her care again.

This horrific incident immediately led to an outcry from an AFSME union leader (the union of the only choice for the DSS workers), calling for the current DSS security service provider’s contract to be terminated; for the need of better, costlier security services; and even consideration of armed security guards.

There’s no way to know if armed guards could have prevented this tragedy but armed guards would be a better bet for security than the “Rocks, Paper, Scissors” method currently in place.

The AFSCME rep referred to this as another example of the people and children of Maryland being put at risk by the “Doomsday” budget cuts.

So follow the fear mongering and the money on this one, folks. No doubt it is a concern.

In the days ahead, we’ll hear more from ASFCME and many others calling for fewer budget cuts for our own safety— with the money for them coming out of our own pockets—as the real story here slides down the media memory hole.

▪ Bye, bye, Newt. See you next time, hopefully, as a spectator, in the stands with Santorum or in the stands with him in the sanitarium. BTW, what were you thinking? Too much baggage, man. And baggage only flies free on Southwest.

▪ The official site of the Maryland Office of Tourism boasts that “Maryland is packed with fun things to see and do!”

Not so for the Virginia tourist who was beaten, stripped and robbed in front of the Mitchell Court House on North Calvert Street, just blocks from the setting Sun, on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

I don’t know how St. Patrick’s Day became a Weekend, but I digress… 

 A cell phone video of the vicious miscreants beating the helpless victim that went viral captured a laughing crowd, gathered to watch the vile act. After the beating, the members of the crowd striped him, took his car keys, phone, and anything else they could steal and left him bleeding on the street.

The video led to four suspects eventually being caught in the police dragnet but the hunt is still on for the person who took the video.

Baltimore City Police Department Spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi said that person will not face charges but there are "ethical questions" about the commission of a crime with no intervention on the part of bystanders.

What? If the person who videoed it did nothing to intervene, how is it possible no charges would be filed?  

And, although all of the suspects are black and the victim is white, the case is not being investigated as a hate crime. Really? Yes, really.

Welcome to Maryland. It’s packed with things for the cognitive elite to observe including the abject surrendering of our society as we once knew it.

Stay sane, Marylanders, and remember, we are not Trayvon.

Mrs. Smith is the widow of WBAL show host and Sun columnist, Ron Smith, founder of The Ron Smith Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Hopkins and Her email is

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Red Maryland Radio 4/26

On this week's episode, Matt Boyle of The Daily Caller joined us to discuss the latest in the DOJ bribery scandal and the Maryland connection with the resignation of a top Justice official.

We discussed  money in politics and the difficulties Maryland conservatives will have to overcome to prevail in the 2012 elections.

Finally, we had a call from our network colleague Jimmy Braswell to discuss the MDGOP convention and preview our Friday night special broadcast.

Listen in on the Red Maryland Network and catch all of the Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes.

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June Smith

After a cold, rainy weekend and a chilly start to the week, the temperature may reach the mid-sixties today. That’s good news for those of us ready to celebrate the Rites of Spring but it is unlikely that the upcoming forecast will include a proverbial “cold day in Hell” Governor O’Malley will need to get his way with the unresolved budget issues.

Ninety days wasn’t enough for the 2012 Maryland General Assembly to pass a balanced budget so there’s talk that the “Guv”, as his opponent called him on a televised campaign debate a couple of years ago, may call a Special Session or two to resolve what the Blues are calling the “Doomsday” budget now in place.

Mike and Mike (House Speaker Mike Busch and Senate President Mike Miller) had breakfast with MOM Tuesday at the Governor’s Mansion to talk about it.

The meeting lasted for an hour and afterwards, the Governor said, “We had a good conversation.” And an excellent breakfast prepared by the Mansion’s kitchen staff, no doubt, added to the tab of the taxpayers. I wonder who had the Eggs Benedict...

The fellows chatted about a “timeline” for a special session and although no agreement was reached, the Governor said he thinks Busch and Miller “really want to resolve this budget issue” and that he’s “hopeful” that they will be able to do it.

Busch and Miller have instructed their staff to continue discussing the issue which means they will be trying to figure out who to hit with tax increases. I’m wagering state income tax to win, sales tax to place, and flush to show.

Maryland’s Constitution requires that the budget “be balanced: total estimated revenues must equal or exceed total appropriations. The budget also must reflect any estimated revenue surplus or deficit at the end of the preceding year.” (Constitution, Art. III, sec. 52).

I’m sure that was the Governor’s intention at the beginning of the 428th Session.

In the first paragraph of his letter addressed to the Senate of Maryland; the Honorable Thomas V. “Mike” Miller, President; the Maryland House of Delegates; the Honorable Michael E. Busch, Speaker; the citizens and families of Maryland, dated January 18, 2012 and printed in the Department of Budget and Management’s 179-page Maryland Budget Highlights FY 2013 booklet, he wrote:

“With a balanced approach of record cuts, responsible revenue generation, and strategic, targeted investment, the people of Maryland have positioned our State to create jobs and recover stronger than other states.”

I don’t recall that part of the recent—or revisionist—history of Maryland, but I agree that the State has been “positioned”, just not vertically.

I do recall the General Assembly finding time to symbolically ratify the 17th amendment of the U.S. Constitution and amend the Maryland Constitution to toss out public officials who “plead guilty to, or are convicted of, a felony or certain misdemeanors related to their public duties” like former PG County Council member Leslie Johnson; set septic system and compulsory school attendance limits; establish electronic ethics forms filing—with a shout out to Senator Currie (D-PG County) on that one; reducing the amount of grams/fines for marijuana possession; and impacting fracking. 

Those are only a sampling of the 791 bills they passed, many of which were passed in the final hours of the session. Nothing good happens after midnight, as many NFL players know.

But I digress. Back to the Governor’s letter to the Senate, et al., that ended with these words:

 “To move Maryland forward, we must be willing to make the modern investments our modern economy requires to create jobs – and to maintain fiscal responsibility, we must balance these investments with responsible cuts. This year’s budget calls for this type of balanced approach, so that together we can create jobs and expand opportunity today, and prepare our children to compete and win the jobs and opportunity of tomorrow.”

Maybe he should have a staff member have an assistant send a photocopy of that letter to his legislative leadership friends and foes to pass on to staff to remind them of the “balanced approach” needed to resolve the State’s budget issues.

June Ray Smith

Mrs. Smith is the widow of WBAL show host and Sun columnist, Ron Smith, and Red Maryland Contributor. Her website is

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The Broadside 4-23-12

Mark Newgent & Andrew Langer recap their weekends.  Andrew tells harrowing tales of his brother's wedding, while Mark regales us with his experiences with Apple Customer service.  Bill Spann, CEO of the Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association joins the talked about the challenges facing the Cigar Industry.  We then broke down recent surveys of attitudes of conservative and liberals towards themselves and each other.
The guys launched into a discussion of the MDGOP races for National Committewoman and National Committeeman, and then respond to the scurrilous accusations levied against the Broadside clip show!

Listen to internet radio with redmaryland on Blog Talk Radio

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome June Smith

We couldn't let June Smith get away with merely a guest post, so we are delighted to inform our readers that she has accepted our invitation to be a full Red Maryland Contributor.  

June or "Mrs. Reason" is the widow of the late great Ron Smith "The Voice of Reason" for so many years on WBAL Radio.  June is keeping Ron's legacy alive and well at and helping the fight against pancreatic cancer.  June and Team Reason have several fundraisers coming up to help benefit The Johns Hopkins Pancreatic Cancer Research Center.   If you can't make one of the events you donate directly to the Ron Smith Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. 

Welcome June we are honored to have you with us.

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Guest Post Looming Debt, Little Hope

Editor's Note: We're honored to bring you the following guest post from June Smith

I can imagine Ron ranting about this as he did so many times: Because of the anemic labor market, half of the recent U.S. college graduates are either without jobs or in jobs that don’t utilize their skills and their expensive liberal arts educations, or justify their exhorbitant student loans. They are lucky to find jobs that require a high school diploma or G.E.D.

How many times did Ron say that in between being a barista, parking cars, or delivering pizzas earning just above minimum wage, the average recent college grad spends a couple of hours a day online looking for a job more suitable for someone with a B.A. degree and huge student loans? The jobs just aren’t there.

The average student loan debt is $25,000 but Maryland tops that by several thousand dollars.  Entry level jobs have been eliminated and the age of the “assistant manager” is a thing of the past. But the debts must be paid. Student loan debt now tops a trillion dollars—increased more than 500% since 1999.

President Obama is urging our elected officials to keep the student loan rates at the current level of 3.4%, before by law, they double on July first. According to a White House spokesperson, “The rate change would affect an estimated 7.4 million students, who would each see an additional $1,000 in debt per year at the higher rates.”

Being immersed in debt before ever earning a paycheck is, as Ron would say, “an unintended consequence.” Up until recent years, a college degree had always been a fast track to a high paying job, a fancy wedding, nice cars, maybe a boat, and manageable debt. But those days are over, just like the dot com days.

Now, college grads are not only bouncing back home to live with dear old mom and dad, they are asking for their help to pay off student loans just months after they’ve paid the final tuition payment.
Whose idea was it to shell out what money was on hand and augment it with financial aid? Ever increasing tuitions and fewer job opportunities isn’t breaking news. Thus, the hope and dream of sending a child to college has turned into a nightmare for millions of families.

The President said, “We should be doing everything we can to put higher education within reach for every American — because at a time when the unemployment rate for Americans with at least a college degree is about half the national average, it’s never been more important. But here’s the thing: it’s also never been more expensive.”

That last sentence may be the only truthful thing I’ve ever heard him say.

Based on information from the College Board's Trends in College Pricing, “the 2011-2012 average total costs (including tuition, fees, room and board) were $17,131 for students attending four-year public colleges and universities in-state and $29,657 out-of-state, and $38,589 for students at four-year private colleges and universities.”

Parents and students are advised to set aside “an additional $4,000 for textbooks, supplies, transportation and other expenses”.

According to’s College Cost Projector, “college costs increase at about twice the inflation rate. Current increases have averaged 5% to 8%” per year.  Their user-friendly cost projector, found just below the Discover® Card ad for student loans with no payments until graduation and a 2% graduation reward click-here option, bases estimates on a 7% tuition inflation rate.
Is it any wonder that college graduates who majored in anthropology, art history, any of the humanities, philosophy or zoology can’t find jobs in their chosen fields?

One doesn’t need to master the academic disciplines of anthropology or art history or the humanities to understand the origins, nature and destiny of human beings in today’s world.
Studying Aristotle, Plato, and Kant can’t help solve the problems this nation is facing although an understanding of the basics of Zoology may be helpful if applied to researching and revealing the habits and comparative actions of yellow dog Democrats.   

Luckier classmates choose nursing and teaching and accounting, time honored occupations although many of us weren’t happy with the results of 2011 tax preparations, but that’s no reason to shoot the messenger.

Here’s a little gem Ron would have loved: A Middle Tennessee State University student with mounting student debt recently met with a career counselor whose main advice was “Pursue further education.” More “boowah, bushway, hoo-ha, blah blah” thinking from someone who has a job, health care coverage, and other benefits.

The government is betting on better job growth and an increase in the labor market they expect will be boosted by an aging population in need of in-home care, nursing aides, and/or companions.
They’re so sure of their bet that they want to double the current student loan rate.

I’m betting there will be even more baristas, waiters, waitresses and fast-food employees with a B.A. degree that’s not worth much more than the cost of the parchment paper, gold foil seal and leather case they received it in on graduation day.

For now, we’ll have to wait for the “River” card and the final round of betting to officially begin in this “hold em” game—and hope they hold back the increase of student loan rates. 

June Ray Smith
Mrs. Smith is the widow of WBAL show host and Sun columnist, Ron Smith. Her website is

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The VRWC Radio Returns tonight

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Radio returns at 8 PM tonight.
Listen in or watch live.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Broadside Tonight 7PM

Tonight on The Broadside

Bill Spann CEO of the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association joins us to talk about tobacco and cigar regulations that threaten to put the FDA in our humidors.

Who is more open minded conservatives or liberals?  Two new studies say conservatives are more open minded and knowledgeable than liberals. We'll talk about that.

The MGOP will hold its spring convention this weekend and the hot topic is Nicolee Ambrose vs. Audrey Scott for National Committeewoman.  

Mitt Romney is not the official GOP presidential nominee yet, but he is trading barbs with President Obama as if the general election has already begun.

All that and a follow-up to criticism of last week's clips show. 

Tune in tonight at 7pm on the NEW Red Maryland Network Ustream Channel.  

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seeing Red returns tonight

Seeing Red with John and Andi Morony returns tonight at 7 PM

Listen in or watch live.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Red Maryland Radio: 4-19-2012

Another great episode of Red Maryland Radio came at you this week:

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On this week's show:
  • We discuss the continuing situation in Anne Arundel County, with the intrigue regarding Police Chief James Teare and the machinations of the Anne Arundel County council
  • We take a look at the journalistic practices of papers like the Pasadena and Severna Park Voice newspapers, and a culture that promotes incumbents and "pay-to-play" journalism;
  • Property taxes are going up, but when? We discuss
  • And some network notes (with a shoutout to the Anniversary of the first airing of The Simpsons on network television 25 years ago tonight)
Be sure to listen tonight and every Thursday night at 8, on the Red Maryland Network.......and don't forget that you can subscribe to the Red Maryland Network on iTunes.

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Red Maryland Radio Tonight

Join Greg and I for another exciting edition of Red Maryland Radio tonight

Be sure to listen tonight and every Thursday night at 8, on the Red Maryland Network.......and don't forget that you can subscribe to the Red Maryland Network on iTunes.

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The Fools’ Gold Rhetoric of Polling: Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama

--Richard E. Vatz
     Presidential public opinion polls are often quite evanescent.  After the 2008 New Hampshire Democratic primary, which Hillary Clinton won by 3% pursuant to falling behind Senator Barack Obama in the polls a day or two before that primary by 9%, Neil Newhouse of NBC News/Wall Street Journal polling stated the following:  “With Hillary Clinton’s victory last night, any shred of reputation that pollsters have for being accurate barometers of public opinion goes out the window.”

The persuasiveness of that mea culpa lasted about the time it takes for New York cabdrivers to honk after the changing of a traffic light to green, to plagiarize a comparison.

Everyone is quite surprised that Governor Mitt Romney is, as The New York Times wrote yesterday, with President Obama “locked in a tight race, with each gathering 46 percent of the vote.” (CBS Evening News pointed out correctly that such national polls are not the measure to watch, since the president is elected by state electors: typical excellence, parenthetically, by Scott Pelley’s fine newscast).

Of course – more on which later.

And there were the invalid poll conundra: as USA Today reported, two polls released on April 16 -- a Gallup poll reporting Romney and Obama in a “statistical tie,” while a CNN poll showed Romney ahead by 9 points – sported findings which are outside the margin of error that pollsters often claim happens to that extent about one of one hundred times (lesser margin-of-error results are claimed to occur about one in twenty times – a significant underestimation).   Yes, the sample size was different, and the dates were not precisely coincidental (Gallup’s taken over 5 days with CNN’s taken over 3.  But this is quite a discrepancy.

How could sophisticated journalists – the pollsters are not motivated or often asked to reconcile such contradictory findings) -- not realize that presidential polls taken during the primaries are almost always , but not always, unstable, and that even intensity, when it is measured, is more unstable before the principals from each party are chosen.

Moreover, here is a bit of news for most: polls indicate that it is unimportant who wins the vice presidential nomination.

Not true.

The choice of Sarah Palin weighed consciously or unconsciously on voters’ minds in 2008 and, in this pundit’s opinion, lost the race for Senator John McCain.

Did the polls show it?  No.  But everyone who paid attention knows it to be plausible.

Don’t let the polls convince you that a race is decided; they are not random and usually not off by more that 5 points each way, but they are simply not, as Mr. Newhouse once conceded, “accurate barometers of public opinion.”

Prof. Vatz teaches the rhetoric of public opinion in his Persuasion class at Towson University; he is also the author of The Only Authentic Book of Persuasion (Kendall Hunt, 2012)

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Latest on the DOJ Bribery Scandal

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know we have been following a bribery scandal coming out of the Virgin Islands. The bribery, according the Matt Boyle of the Daily Caller, went all the way to the Justice Department itself with DOJ personnel bribed to slow the investigation.

For some background you can read this and this. You can also listen to our interview with The Daily Caller's Matt Boyle on Red Maryland Radio.

Now the latest is that the "bagman" has been identified. From the Daily Caller:

Former U.S. Virgin Islands Sen. Roosevelt David was the man who delivered cash bribes to Gov. John de Jongh in the bribery scandal, The Daily Caller’s Department of Justice source said.

According to a knowledgeable government official who served on a Department of Justice team put in place to arrest finance executives close to that telecommunications deal, de Jongh accepted a portion of at least $20 million in cash bribes that floated throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands government.

The U.S. Department of Justice, the source said, never acted on sealed indictments related to a years-long criminal scheme involving bank fraud and other financial crimes.

The bribes, according to the source, were for de Jongh, his attorney general, Vincent Frazer, and assorted Virgin Islands legislators — all aimed at quashing local concerns about financial irregularities identified on the books of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Cooperative (CFC).

We will have more on this story as Matt Boyle joins us again on RedMaryland Radio next Thursday (4/26) at 8pm.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Space Oddities

Yesterday the DC area was treated to the spectacle of the Space Shettle Discovery taking its final journey, being ferried from the Kennedy Space Center to Dulles Airport in anticipation of it ending up at is final resting place in Northern Virginia. Many area folks looked out in wide wonder of the Space Shuttle, as the shuttle program was the last in our direct links to NASA-supported manned spaceflight, stretching from Alan Shepard's flight aboard Freedom 7, to the Apollo project, to the International Space Station. Man's journeys to outer space culminated with the ambitious shuttle project.

A lot of conservatives took the opportunity for this flight yesterday to bemoan the plight of NASA under the Obama Administration, insinuating the the Administration was turning its back on centuries of progress by Western Civilization on pulling the plug on the Space Shuttle Program. However that's the wrong reaction entirely. Because NASA needs to get out of the manned space flight business.

We are blessed in this country, despite what you might be led to believe, with an abundance of ingenuity and capital. Folks who can take a risk and lead us toward greater leaps in technology at reduced costs. The privatization of space is nothing new. NASA has been looking at privatizing its cargo and astronauts delivery systems for at least five years.Any number of companies are engaging in the human spaceflight business, whether it be as government customers or as totally private ventures in order to increase space tourism. Just take a look at the number of private spaceflight ventures that are in the space business. And these are serious ventures, from Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic concept to shuttle tourists into space down to all of the projects being conducted by Space X. We're talking about serious people, doing serious things, at a serious discount of time and money when compared to similar projects by NASA.

That is not to say that government does not have an integral role in space flight and research. NASA still has a tremendous role in research and exploration of distant areas that are no cost affordable to private space flight, as conducted here in Maryland from Goddard Space Flight Center. And of course, there are military applications to spaceflight which cannot or will not be able to be contracted out. But the preponderance of our space flight can and should be undertaken by the private sector.

Later this month, a Space X Dragon capsule is tentatively scheduled to become the first privately operated spacecraft to fly to the International Space Station. This is going to be a great leap forward in our ability to deliver people and things to low Earth orbit in a safe and affordable manner.

We shouldn't be bemoaning the passing of the era of manned spaceflight. Because manned spaceflight is just getting started.

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The VRWC Radio: 4/17/12

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Video streaming by Ustream

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The VRWC returns tonight

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Radio returns at 8 PM tonight, talking about Tax Day, the Secret Service Scandal, and "Government explained to an alien." Whatever that means.
Listen in or watch live.

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The Broadside Clip Show Spectacular

Mark and Andrew were joined by Pajamas and Coffee blogger Mary McCarthy.

A recap of Sine Die and the duh duh duuuuhh "Doomsday" budget and then the guys jump into clips from their favorite comedy, drama and action/scifi flicks.

Listen to internet radio with redmaryland on Blog Talk Radio

The Broadside, along with all Red Maryland Network programs, is available for download on iTunes.

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O'Malley Busted Using Bogus Jobs Data

Our friends over at Conservative Victory Maryland have a nice video skewering Governor O'Malley for cherry picking jobs data to make misleading claims.

Kara Markley, a mid-Atlantic regional economist with the BLS, made a similar observation. "We would typically compare the same month year-to-year with the not seasonally-adjusted data," she said.

That data paints a far different picture from the one O’Malley framed.

In December 2011, Maryland added 24,700 jobs to its 2,529,300 tally from the previous December -- a 0.98 percent increase. Virginia added 35,600 jobs to its total of 3,644,500 from 2010 -- an 0.97 percent increase.

By that method, Maryland’s job creation rate topped Virginia by 1/100th of 1 percent.

Using the same month-to-month method, we ran a comparison for all of 2010 and 2011. Virginia came out ahead in eight months, Maryland did better in four.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Guest Post Moving Beyond Reagan

Editor's Note: The following is a guest post from Scott Shaffer. Mr. Shaffer was the highest bidder at a silent auction in which RedMaryland donated an opportunity to write a guest post. The proceeds of the auction supported the Anne Arundel County Republican State Central Committee. We thank Mr. Shaffer for his support.

“What we need to defeat President Obama is another Ronald Reagan.” You’ve heard this before, particularly heading into the latest election cycle. Debate after debate, each of our Republican presidential candidates tried to convince us that he or she was the closest thing to the next Reagan. At times it was unclear whether they were actually debate participants, or contestants on a Ronald Reagan trivia game show. But you can’t place all the blame on the candidates. Republican voters, driven by nostalgia for better economic times, perpetuate the desire for comparisons. Because for most of us, Reagan is the only model we have of a Republican leader who brought our country back from the brink of collapse. With our country once again facing difficult times, we turn to our experiences for a solution – and our experiences tell us to elect another Reagan.

This is the “single savior mindset,” and it has consumed our party for 20 years. It’s time to let it go. There will never be another Ronald Reagan. Moreover, our continual search for an ideal political savior who will right all wrongs is inconsistent with our party’s belief in limited government and unlimited individual freedom.

It is not up to a president to save our party or our country. It is up to us to save the Presidency. Our nation was founded on the principle of “we the people,” and we the people are the only ones who can keep it that way. Handing off that responsibility to a single political hero is voluntarily surrendering the freedom given to each of us. There was a reason, after all, that George Washington was our first president and not our first king.

Say what you will about the TEA Party, but the originators of that movement understood this. Now, there are those in the upper ranks of the RNC who also see the light. They believe that the goals of the Republican Party can be better obtained with a bottom-up approach, rather than the top-down hierarchal organization currently run by the RNC and state parties. In order to articulate this perspective, they have created a new group called Project Liberty.

A recent Washington Times article profiled the philosophy behind Project Liberty:

Project Liberty organizers say the GOP should not be a kind of social club whose members gain power and wealth by beating rivals inside their own coalition. Instead, they see the GOP as a vehicle of mass influence more congenial to maximizing individual responsibility and the freedom to take risks than the Democratic Party.

Solomon Yue, the RNC’s National Committeeman from Oregon (a state politically similar to Maryland) and one of Project Liberty’s founders, likens this year’s presidential election to the D-Day landing at Normandy Beach. Taking back the White House is a means to an end, and not the end itself. There will still be much work needed to restore our country’s prosperity. Winning that first battle depends on all factions of the Republican Party uniting behind Mitt Romney in November, but winning the war depends on “we the people” making sure that President Romney sticks to the core principles of our nation’s founders.

I am proud to support Project Liberty and help bring Maryland Republicans to the forefront of their efforts. I encourage all of our Republican Central Committee members and grassroots activists to do the same. Maryland has fallen behind the other blue states in the RNC. It’s time for us to not only catch up, but to take the lead.

Scott Shaffer is a member of the Republican State Central Committee of Anne Arundel County from District 30 (Annapolis Area) and a candidate for the Maryland Republican Party’s National Committeeman.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seeing Red returns tonight

Seeing Red with Andi and John Morony returns tonight at 7 PM only on the Red Maryland Network.

Be sure to click here to listen!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

$5.6 Billion Reasons Why One Maryland is a Failure

Here’s something for our esteemed governor and state legislators to keep in mind as they consider a special session for the purposes increasing taxes: Maryland ranks 43rd in income lost due to interstate migration.

According to tax return data compiled by the Tax Foundation, Maryland has lost $5.6 billion in income over the period 1999-2011 due to migration to other states.

The Tax Foundation’s state migration calculator tells the tale. Here is a screen shot of Maryland’s out migration data.

Just more proof of the Californication of Maryland.

Governor O’Malley may believe the utopian claptrap of “One Maryland” but the sad reality is that it’s not just millionaires disappearing from Maryland the middle class is as well.

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