Sunday, April 1, 2012

Roscoe Bartlett for Congress

This is a personal, not a site, endorsement.

On Tuesday, Maryland Republicans will be have the opportunity to select a candidate for member of Congress representing Maryland's 6th Congressional District. The only choice is the incumbent, Representative Roscoe Bartlett.

That Mr. Bartlett is in a crowded field is largely his own doing. His fundraising is somewhere between "anemic" and "atrocious" and his conflicting signals apparently even fooled his own chief of staff into thinking he would retire. Coupled with this, the newly gerrymandered MD-6 ensures this will be a tough election.

In particular Maryland Republicans should not vote for David Brinkley, the senator representing District 4. Mr. Brinkley epitomizes the "go-along-get-along" crowd in Annapolis and moving him to Washington would serve to undercut everything conservatives have fought for since the landslide of 2010. Being a self-described "budget expert" given the state of Maryland's budget is hardly an endorsement and selecting notorious turncoat Rick Weldon as a campaign co-chair is hardly a vote of confidence.

In addition to his velveeta style politics, Mr. Brinkley's personal life has been an absolute trainwreck that will provide rich fodder for any opponent the Democrats put up against him.

Mr. Brinkley allegedly carried on long term adulterous affair... with a staffer, a situation that would get one fired in private sector... and many questions still remain unanswered on the facts and circumstances of the apparent domestic violence directed against his wife and what seems to be a fraudulent 911 call made by Mr. Brinkley (here | here).

Of late, he has attacked his opponent Kathy Afzali of District 4A in terms that were unnecessarily demeaning but also reflect his contempt for people at the bottom rungs of the economic ladder. When given the chance to backtrack, he chose to double down.

Beyond this, Mr. Brinkley is quite simply a man who does not play nicely with those on his side while being more than content to toady for any Democrat. If you recall, back in December 2010 he was sniveling about Alex Mooney's election as MD GOP Chair because of Alex's "brand of conservatism." That would be "mainstream" versus Brinkley's "nonexistent" version.

We face a tough challenge in MD-6 in November and the man best suited to see us through it is Roscoe Bartlett.


Martin Watcher said...

This is a pretty bad endorsement. First, you don't say a single reason to re-elect Bartlett, only trash Brinkley (for good measure in most cases). I could understand if you trashed all the opponenets and determined that Roscoe should win by default, but you only talked about Brinkley.

On the Brinkley front, I agree with every assertion except for the criticism about the attack on Afzali. To claim that this was sexist or disparaging to someone that works at Burger King is pretty pathetic. First off, Afzali got her facts wrong, she got up on a stage and tried to make herself sound better by stretching the truth. So Don Murphy says with that kind of lie she shouldn't be working in the General Assembly but should be at a Burger King. So now we are going to be politically correct and defend people at Burger King because they have feelings too? Or that because it's a man criticizing a woman it's sexist? Get real. It's a fair criticism that we should hold people in Annapolis to a higher level of integrity on the truth than we would someone who works at Burger King.

Give me a reason to vote FOR Roscoe or a reason to vote against EVERYBODY else including Delegate Afzali. I feel dirty now that I have defended Brinkley, thanks a lot.

streiff said...

Martin, we've both been at this for a while and I respect your opinion and the work you did at MartinWatcher a lot.

In this race, I think the reasons to not vote for Brinkley are the key ones. He's not to be trusted.

I don't address any of the cast of thousands who are also running because my time is limited and, quite honestly, I don't think any of them is in any particular danger of winning. This is a two-man race.

We will simply have to disagree on the attack of Ms. Afzali. I've no problem to holding people to *any* standard -- I think *higher* is a bit more than the market will bear. His chosen method of attack here fits in well with a pattern we see in his domestic life and his choice of mistresses.