Friday, June 10, 2011

Bongino Responds

U.S. Senate candidate Daniel Bongino responds to a know-nothing caller on the previous episode of Red Maryland Radio who distorted his views on immigration:

To correct some of the misrepresentations, I want to be clear on my immigration stance.
I fully support:
-Mandatory, nationwide implementation of E-Verify
-The 287G program
-The petition drive to place the DREAM act on the ballot
-Securing the borders as the first and most important component of any immigration plan
-A points based system driven by US employment needs to categorize and attract the world's best minds to our country

I do not support:
-Multi-Culturalism, which has failed everywhere it has been tried
-Amnesty, which creates perverse incentives
-Unrestricted, country specific, immigration
-Chain migration based policies

1 comment:

Marc said...

Don't back down on your common sense platform regarding immigration, Mr. Bongino. There are a few very loud, very ignorant people in this state who are opposed to immigration. They may try to dress it up as being opposed to illegal immigration, but when you press them it's clear they don't like any immigrants, not just illegal ones.

You rightly point out that immigration is a net economic benefit to our nation and that we need to fix our current immigration system to make it easier for people to come here legally. There are plenty of people who support your views in this matter. Unfortunately, those who dislike immigrants will be the loudest to attack you, just as they two misinformed callers who attacked you on Red Maryland Radio.

I do have to disagree with your embrace of E-Verify, though. No business owner should be forced to get the federal government's permission to hire a worker. This system is not only an extremely flawed system (see for more information) but it also is a huge expansion of government power in our economy.