Friday, November 12, 2010

PG County Executive Jack Johnson and his wife Leslie, Incoming Council Woman Leslie Johnson, Arrested by FBI

I won't repeat all the details, but there are a few facts that probably will not be reported elsewhere.

Jack Johnson has long had a reputation for questionable ethics.

Democrat Leslie Johnson has just been elected to represent PG Council District 6. No Republican ran against her.

Council District 6 largely overlaps General Assembly District 25. The Democratic Senator from that district is under federal indictment on numerous counts. No Republican ran against him.

I am unaware of any official Republican Party statements concerning the indictment of Sen. Currie or previous questions raised about Jack Johnson's behavior in office.

The Republican Party is unlikely to make much progress in rebuilding itself in Maryland when it sits idly by, not challenging corrupt Democratic politicians at the polls or in the media.


Coastersgr8stang said...

More corruption in Maryland, what a shocker. NOT!!!!!

Alex said...

I find it...questionable, that what seems to me, from a law enforcement perspective, the black politicians who are accused of corruption are arrested while in office or near the end of their term. Meamwhile, it seems their white counterparts are not arrested until after their term is over. Coincidence?

Bruce said...

Alex do you have concrete examples of this? I am certainly familiar with Sheila Dixon, Ulysses Currie and Jack Johnson but do you have evidence of white politicians getting hit only after their resign or lose and election? I would be curious about a race-based motive since in all three of these cases the political beneficiaries of their falls would appear to be other African-American Democrats potential rivals for the same seats.