Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Those Questioning Our Consistency

Prevaricators and dimwits are criticizing our endorsement of Bob Ehrlich as a betrayal of our conservative principles. We laugh at that charge of hypocrisy.

We would remind our critics that no less a conservative than William F. Buckley Jr. (the dimwits will have to Google him) insisted that conservatives support the most conservative candidate electable. We agree with sage advice of that dictum from the godfather of American conservatism.

While we have our disagreements with Ehrlich, being conservatives we do not let the perfect become the enemy of the good. That folly is for progressives.

Conservatives should feel no inconsistency or incompatibility with their principles in supporting Bob Ehrlich. He is the most conservative electable candidate to defeat Martin O’Malley. Thus the impetus behind the accusations of hypocrisy are revealed. They are afraid, very afraid.

As a final rejoinder to our critics on this matter, we paraphrase WFB:

We won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting you really believe what you just said.


Daniel 'The Whig Man' Vovak said...

Your post is confusing, as you already made an endorsement and there is no reason to apologize for it or restate it. Maybe, as I suggested, if you had actually written a more sensible endorsement then people would not be questioning your logic later. What you are probably not properly accessing is that there are many undecided Republicans in the GOP primary contest for governor, like myself. It's not that people don't think Ehrlich will win (or that Murphy is a better candidate), they just don't feel engaged to Ehrlich's campaign.

Fred Propheter said...

I know Bill Buckley very well and as he said he would trust the first 500 names out of the Philidelphia phone book more than the clowns in Washington, I'd have to take it a step further and include MDGOP & the RNC.
Rule #11 does it or does it not state 'Federal Office' and 'filed' candidates? Bubba is neither.
Trust me I am no fan of WaPo but, their poll from yesterday at best has Owe'Malley & Bubba tied @47%.
Delving deeper into the polling shows the electorate is looking for someone new.
MDGOP has sold the primary process and the people of Maryland short.
And the RNC they are batting 0-4 in this election cycle... Shall I name names? Spector (PA) Scuzzyfava (NY) Crist (FL) and now Bubba (MD)

Daniel said...

Well said, Mark.

Mark Newgent said...

Wig Man, I guess it's not too hard to confuse a person who botched the launch
of their own campaign site now is it...

Daniel 'The Whig Man' Vovak said...

Mark, do you believe an extra www is a campaign killer? Maryland and Hawaii have the weakest Republican parties in America. Further, Maryland's largest county doesn't have a single elected Republican living in it. Why can't the MD GOP set a goal to get a single elected Republican in Montgomery County?

RedMaryland is a website that talks about Maryland Republicans and yet it doesn't address the topic of why Maryland is always a national write-off and why the Montgomery County Republican Party is nearly completely ineffective. (By the way, the State website, was down for nearly 2 days and was down for almost a week!) Perhaps Maryland's problem is because of petty Republicans, like yourself, who gloat about www errors. Since you are reading the Gazette, did you see about my job offer to Mike Knapp for CAO which he is considering? I look forward to you addressing each point.

megiska55 said...

How can you possibly say that Ehrlich is the GOP's best chance to beat O'Malley??? Show me some polls where he beats O'Malley, seriously. He was elected OUT of office my friend which means we the people FIRED him which means he didn't do a good job! Shame on you for calling yourself conservative and endorsing a candidate (Ehrlich) who grew gov't by almost 40%, is not pro-life, is pro-amnesty, is anti-guns, do I need to go on? How is he conservative in any stretch of the imagination? Better yet, how is he Republican?? You are obviously just another silly fool who is drinking the MDGOP koolaid and jumping on the magic Bobby E bandwagon and NOT standing on principle. Shame on you. Do you sleep well at night knowing you support someone who is ok with mutilating and killing babies? That is not what the voters want, that's for sure. Between Ehrlich and O'Malley, if you want to support a winner, support O'Malley b/c he beats Ehrlich every time. Murphy is the real winner in the game and the only one with the rocks to stand on principle no matter what; he is of the people and for the people. Talk to him before you say another thing about Ehrlich being conservative. Oh, hold on, let me get you a tissue, I think you have some drool dripping down your chin.

Sam said...

Wow, a pretty smug and condescending blog. You would make a great liberal and judging by your comments here you may already be.

Juding on your "most conservative electable" standard you still cannot support BE as he is NOT a "conservative."

If you want to endorse a pro-amensty, pro-choice and gay-rights candidate that's your right. But please don't get upset when you get called out for not being a conservative. And don't ever talk down to people who are standing on principle. Please forgive us for doing the right thing.

How can someone entrenched in the Maryland GOP call someone a nitwit? When was the last time we won an election? A lot of good these "electable" candidates have done us. I just hope Roscoe lives to 100 so you nitwits at least have a speaker for your upcoming Lincoln Day Dinners.