Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Larry Hogan Jr. Jumps Into the Governor's Race

Larry Hogan Jr., Appointments Secretary for former governor Ehrlich, is setting up an exploratory committee, Hogan for Maryland, to run for governor.

Hogan’s announcement however, makes clear that he would step aside should Ehrlich decide on a rematch with Martin O’Malley. “Should my friend decide to run, he would have my enthusiastic support, as he always has, and nobody would work harder for him.”

The Hogan name is no stranger to Maryland politics. His father, Larry Hogan Sr., won three terms to Congress running as a Republican in the deep blue fifth district, and ousted incumbent Winfield Kelly Jr. for Prince George’s County Executive.

The younger Hogan nearly pulled off the impossible in 1992: beating Steny Hoyer. Hogan challenged Hoyer for his father’s old congressional seat. Hoyer, who won with only 51% of the vote, called it the “toughest race of his entire political career.”

Hogan, who founded a successful commercial real estate brokerage, understands the threats to small business, taxpayers, and working families from O’Malley’s reckless spending, taxation, and mindless regulation.

You can send your thoughts and suggestions to mailto:lhogan@hogancompanies.com.

Financial contributions to Hogan for Maryland can be sent to 2661 Riva Road #300, Annapolis, MD 21401.


Coastersgr8stang said...

Good Article Mark.

Greg Kline said...

Larry Hogan is a good candidate. Again, though, everyone is waiting for Ehrlich who will probably not make an official decision until next February or March.

I think Bob will run. I really have no doubt of it. We been through this before. John Kane and Audrey Scott were in the same position in 2002.

It sucks though that a good candidate like this may, unless he switches gears to another race, may spend the next five months spinning his wheels.

The MDGOP has plenty of slots to fill. We need candidates running in other races not insurance policies for Bob Ehrlich.

M.R. Newman said...

Hogan appears to be a solid candidate - but I hate all this wait and see what Ehrlich does. If Hogan has confidence in his ability to be Governor of Maryland, then he should run and not worry about Bob Ehrlich's plans. Saying you'll bow out to him makes it hard to take the candidate as seriously.

retgroclk said...

The Republicans should learn from the Democrats folly in 2000.

A number of Democrats waited and waited and decided not to run, leaving the primary to Kathleen Townsend- a weak candidate who had mobey and name recognition and nothing else.

I ran to give the voters a choice.I received 20% of the vote--

If there are strong Republicans out there with a good message do notwait- throw your hat in and make your case.

Bob Fustero

Daniel said...

With no disrespect to Larry Hogan, the contest in 1992 was 113,280 to 92,636. That's 55-45. The article says Steny received just 51%, which is false. Regardless, it was the closest margin ever against Hoyer.