Thursday, September 24, 2009

All Night Vigil for the Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center

On August 26th, with no forewarning to the patients, staff, or the local community,and acting on incorrect information the Board of Public Works, led by Governor O'Malley ordered the closure of the Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center in Chestertown. The center serves roughly 200 patients, nearly all of them from the Eastern Shore. The closure is forcing these patients to scramble to find new facilities for treatment.

Senator EJ Pipkin and Delegate Mike Smigiel are fighting hard to get O'Malley to reverse his decision. Unfortunately, the Upper Shore isn't a key electoral swing district, like say for instance the BGE service area in and around Baltimore.

Pipkin, Smigiel, and others are staging an all night vigil to protest the closure

Local legislators invited the Governor to tour the facility--twice--to hear from affected patients, staff, and community members. O'Malley never responded. Yet O'Malley will attend a $1,000 per plate fund raiser in Chestertown, not far from the facility this Saturday afternoon.


justdafacts said...

Mark -

May I suggest you enlist local chapters of Americans for Prosperity and Campaign for Liberty to protest this cut in government funded healthcare.

Why not make a full blown tea party out of it, inviting Queen Anne's Andrew Langer of Institute for Liberty fame, maybe The I'm Not Yelling [he's yelling] at Kratovil Guy will post, shouting more made up facts. (He said [yelled] the World Health Organization ranked our healthcare system number one in the world; in fact, their flawed study rated us number 37, between Costa Rica and Slovenia.)

For sure Patrick Samuels of Kratovil effigy fame will not join this protest.

- Steve Lebowitz, Annapolis

Mark Newgent said...

Or just get your paramour to act like a grown up and govern, instead of using the budget to pay back his politcal coalition.