Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maryland GOP Needs Solutions To Problems

I know this post isn’t going to be popular with some of my Republican friends, but I believe it to be true regardless.  We face an excellent opportunity to attack Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, and the Democrat majority in Annapolis.   However, if we fail to offer solutions to the very problems we are pointing out about the O’Malley administration we stand to gain nothing.

While I commend the Maryland Senate’s GOP caucus’s efforts to point out the horrendous job of O’Guvnah and Co., they are woefully short on solutions.  Yes, the state should grant localities more flexibility in their K-12 spending.  What else?  The caucus isn’t even bold enough to endorse that.   They merely report that this is something counties have asked for and O’Malley has refused to deliver.

Are state employees getting screwed?  I guess that all depends on whether you work for the state or not.  Personally, I think state employees (in general) are underworked and overpaid.  I am constantly irritated by state employees tooling around in vehicles paid for by the taxpayers, burning fuel that is paid for by you and I.  While I have the greatest respect for our law enforcement officers, I don’t understand why taxpayers should provide them with vehicles to commute from the Eastern Shore to the Western Shore; or to take their kids to school; or to take their spouses out shopping,

I’m confident that these few proposals wouldn’t be popular with some.  At least they are specific proposals.  I’m not seeing any coming from our Republican leaders in the legislature.

Given the huge Democrat registration advantage, how can we expect to ever become a majority in the legislature without offering voters something to vote FOR?  I’ve heard the argument that they simply don’t have the staff, resources, etc. to offer comprehensive solutions.  Fine.  How about less than comprehensive solutions?

Without bold ideas, can we ever expect to push aside the power of Democrat machine?  Free markets, property rights, school choice, lower taxes, reduced spending …  Give some of these notions a try.

Maryland needs “A Contract”.  Our GOP legislators should deliver one.  If they can’t, or won’t, then perhaps MDGOP chairman Jim Pelura is right.

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Maryland Conservatives said...

Maryland is overcome by civic helplessness. The Maryland GOP is ripe for a takeover. It is clearly comatose in the current fiscal and economic climate, no message, no ideas. It has no spokesman, no idea of how to make noise/news - and perhaps no desire to do any of it. It seems very comfortable maintaining its (barely) minority status - just give those guys a few special license plates and it's all good. IF conservatives and clear-thinking moderates want a vehicle to restore some balance to this state, the Maryland GOP is just waiting for leadership.