Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cardin Apologizes. So What?

Jon Cardin, Delegate from Baltimore County, has apologized for a massive abuse of Baltimore City police resources in using the BPD marine and air unit to stage a marriage proposal gag.  So what?  So he is sorry.  Wow.  I am impressed, that a member of the House of Delegates would apologize – but only after the Maryland Gazette and the Baltimore Sun and every other news outlet in Maryland has covered the story.  Are we supposed to think that his contrite, aw shucks, Opie-like apology demonstrates a level of maturity or seriousness we should expect from a member of the House of Delegates?

I don’t think so.

If you want to be really sorry, then roll over on whoever helped you out.  Give up names. Hold everyone accountable.

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Halleh said...

Oh my goodness, why can't you people get over yourselves? From politicians who cheat on thier wives, steal openly from their people, take vacations in high power jets, and on and on - this is an individual who was just asking someone to marry him. Amazing how that has been lost here. None of us really know what happened. If he DID get the police involved and in ANY way, away from their duties, then he has apologized, asked to reimburse, felt awful and is trying to get to the more important issues. If he was just looking for a distraction to have him help pop the question, then the police got way into it as well (who doesn't get swept away by a proposal) and we need to forgive that as well. He is human, he has done amazing things for our community, and as one of his constituents, I feel that he truly cares and believes in the people and locale that he serves. If you don’t know who and what he stands for, you should keep silent and just move on.

Bruce Robinson said...

Hallah, why the double standard?

If this was only a marriage proposal, Bill was doing private things, wh doesn't have $90,000 in the kitchen freezer and Barney's house is off limits, how do the folks on the other side of the aisle get called thief, cheat and corrupt?

Who's gettin' over on who?

streiff said...

As we've noted in other posts, our elected officials are not royalty. Diverting public resources to private benefit, whether it be using your office staff to remodel your home or a police helicopter to convince some luckless broad to marry you, has a technical term, it is called a "felony."

Generally speaking, and "apology" doesn't offset a "felony." At a minimum, Mr. Cardin should pay restitution for the police and air hours used in a rather juvenile attempt to impress his fiance. He fiance should really reconsider whether she wishes to go through life with an alleged adult male who seems to think a rather junior high school stunt is a super duper romantic way to propose.

The people of his district elected him once and given Maryland's track record in elected officials the odds are that most of them agree with you so his political career is secure.