Tuesday, March 10, 2009

House Judiciary to Hear Ammo Registration Bill

House Bill 1446, a bill requested by the Maryland State Police to require the registration of ammunition at purchase has passed out of the House Rules & Executive Nominations Committee and re-referred to the House Judiciary Committee for a hearing on March 19 at 1:00 pm.

This bill would require that any person engaged in the business of selling ammunition maintain extensive records on all, including the date of sale, purchaser’s full name, address, date of birth, description of the form of ID used as well as the type and quantity of ammunition purchased. The bill also forces a business that sells ammunition to allow the inspection of the sales record by a law enforcement officer upon request. HB 1446 is tantamount to firearm registration, will do nothing to stop crime and only increase the size and bureaucratic scope of the Maryland State Police. If they succeed, they will no doubt be back wanting a background check or license to purchase ammunition as well. This bill must be defeated. If you think ammunition is hard to find now, just wait and see how hard it is to get if this bill passes.

Congress has tried ammunition registration in the past, only to discover that it was not only ineffective for law enforcement, but also completely unmanageable due to the sheer volume of transactions. Ammunition registration creates huge record keeping requirements and provides no useful benefits for law enforcement; which is why it was repealed under the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986.



Daniel said...

Such idiocy.

I suppose they WANT me to ask a friend to make the purchase for me.


Or, I'll just go out of state for better, cheaper prices with no sales taxes.

Anonymous said...

if this passes, it will continue to just make another item that marylanders will buy out of state in quantities!! Can these annapolis politicians understand that they are overregualting business out of business in md, where they going to get all their future tax revenues>>??? buy VIRGINIA and DELAWARE!!!



Ced said...

what about mail ordered ammo? will that be regulated as well?

Anonymous said...

Ditto. I'll buy all my ammo online (at reduced prices!) or out of state and preserve some of my privacy.