Monday, March 16, 2009

Elected Official Resents "Malicious" Blogs

Matt Drudge is linking to a Maryland Daily Record article about the outgoing Mayor of Salisbury deriding the "malicious" blogs which keep good people from serving.

I have always thought that the City of Salisbury got a ridiculous amount of coverage in this area's blogosphere given its size (there are far more blogs covering every aspect of Salisbury politics than Baltimore!).

Many of my colleagues here can discuss the actual issues involved and the tenor of the city's coverage online.

But are blogs really having such an impact that they are "endangering the city's vitality"?

Consider this an open thread.


Anonymous said...

It is true that there is one blogger in Salisbury that is out of line with his comments. He follows people and takes photos of them, he constantly calls politicians names, he makes fun of peoples weight and the list goes on and on. He has an axe to grind against the current Mayor and some of the council members and he just goes too far. To disagree is one thing but to insult and degrade is out of line. The Mayor is right on one thing, who would want to subject themselves to this kind of abuse to be on the city council? Not me.

G. A. Harrison said...

Of course they're not damaging the city's vitality. Barrie Tilghman and her dirty little guild have managed to that all on their own. She doesn't like bloggers because they actually shed a little light on what she's been doing.

In all fairness, some of the rhetoric has been over the top. I've even been guilty more than once. Of course, her behavior has been just as bad (if not worse) than some of the folks she criticizes.

The best part of this is that her own son is one of those dirty, nasty bloggers. He is (or was) a writer for TPM Muckraker and objectivity isn't tops on his agenda either.

joealbero said...

anonymous 9:51,

Just what do you call it when a Mayor constantly calls you names like "The Dirty Dozen" or "Malicious"?

It doesn't surprise me that you have made your comment anonymously as you are probably one of her puppets but that's your right.

Allow me to challenge you a little bit here, if you would be so kind?

What "Bloggers" are YOU talking about?

What exactly did that Blogger actually say that was so bad? In other words, what names did they call her and or other politicians?

When or where did that Blogger say anything about someone's weight?

You sure do sound a lit like the Mayor herself or someone who wrote that State of the City Address Speech for her. Give us some details, please.

wind river said...

When the citizens are being screwed at every turn in this state and now nationally, name calling is the least of the issue. We MUST get mad. We MUST get pissed off. We MUST call them out.

Otherwise we are just enablers.

Anonymous said...

To answer Mr. Albero's comment, I am not the Mayor, one of her speech writers or one of her puppets, I don't even know her or like her. I am also not the Salisbury Grinch, Cuff n Stuff or any of the crew from the Pro Maryland Gazette. I am just a citizen of Salisbury.

The Dirty Dozen and Malicious doesn't compare to some of the comments of "idiot", "mare" (insinuating she is a horse), interchanging her name with Mr. Comegys', calling Mr. Comegys "Bubba", calling Mr. Gordy "Gordo" to name a few. There has been more than one discussion on Ms. Shields weight and eating habits that you have allowed to be posted. Even though you didn't say them you allowed them to be posted. There was a picture of the mayor that showed her in unflattering light, parts of her breasts were showing through her shirt. Over the next several months a copy of this photo showed up on Mr. Albero's site several times with lots of comments by Mr. Albero and others on the site. I thought this was uncalled for and unprofessional.

I have posted many comments on your blog and most of the ones that you don't agree with don't appear. That leads one to believe that you do agree with the comments that ridicule others.

I read Salisbury News often and I will give Mr. Albero credit, some of the material is good. However many times the name calling and meanspiritedness of his reporting is out of line and juvenile.

As far as me commenting anonymously, that is my right. I don't want to expose myself and my family to your vicious style of journalism, like calling me names, making fun of my wife's weight, pictures showing my trash can overflowing, criticizing my mother's posture, making fun of the car I drive, where I park, what hours I work, how I got injured, etc.

I find it interesting that you were so civil on your post here, usually you start off with "idiot" or "smarta$$". This style is a much better way to communicate.

This is just my opinion, take it or leave it. If you feel you are doing the right thing in the right way, carry on.

joealbero said...

anonymous 4:31,

In case you hadn't noticed, I haven't cursed and or called anyone and Idiot for quite some time. In fact, it's now against the rules to do so on Salisbury News.

We're going to have to agree to disagree here. The Mayor has done many unbelievable things to me and my Family, including calling in a criminal investigation against my Wife for something that was heresay, (sp). Again, this was just a move so they could say she was being investigated, yet they found nothing and shame on her for every trying to play those dirty politics to start with.

Again, I could go on forever in what we feel has been complete abuse of power butu her lawsuit against me will be coming at the end of April and much will be exposed then. We've got some great questions lined up for the Mayor and it will be quite a show.

Anonymous said...

Joe, agreeing to disagree is fine, that is what debate and opinion is for. When you do that you have a great blog, when you don't it isn't so good.

As far as cursing you called me a "smarta$$" 2 days ago. Blurring the letters doesn't make it not cursing. It wasn't the cursing in that statement that is wrong, it was the name calling.

I don't disagree that the Mayor has done some things that weren't right. As I said in my comment, I don't like her either. But to call her names and post unflattering photos, like you did yesterday, I feel are out of line. We can agree to disagree on that also.

I have said this before and I will say it again, you do some great work. But many times you go too far and do some horrible work. You get most of your attention from the less than professional stories and comments on your blog. However, that is the wrong kind of attention to get.

I will continue to visit your blog and will even comment occasionally. I just wish you would bring it up out of the mud so that more of us would take you seriously.

Outraged_Richard said...

Is this the caliber of Joe Albero's fan base?

"I will continue to visit your blog and will even comment occasionally. I just wish you would bring it up out of the mud so that more of us would take you seriously."

Sir, until your comment I had assumed Mr. Albero wrote the bulk of his blog's comments under pseudonyms and "Anonymous". Apparently, until now I was living under a dark cloud of ignorance.

This gentleman's comment reminds me of a fat lady I once saw in the grocery check out line snatching a gossip "Oprah Gets Fatter!" rag with her sausage fingers.

Anonymous said...

Outraged Richard,

To call me part of Joe Albero's fanbase would imply that I am a fan, I am not. I don't know if you intended it to be an insult, but it is.

I too think that Joe makes most of his comments under aliases and anonymous. I comment on his site about 1 time per week and over 75% of those comments don't see the light of day on his blog due to the fact that I disagree most of the time.

For you to imply that I am like Joe Albero could not be further from the truth. In fact, how can you make that assumption without knowledge of who I am or, more importantly, what I stand for?

I will visit your blog, now that I know you have one and I will post occasionally. Then you can make an informed decision on my thinking.

Outraged_Richard said...

Sir, my apologies. I just thought it was humorous that you keep going back to Mr. Albero's website when you hinted at disliking the website.

I regret to inform you that at my website I have launched a campaign against Salisbury mayoral candidate Jim Ireton so the usually interesting posts, if you can call them that, are absent.

Over the coming weeks I will be under heavy assault by the homosexual agenda crowd who will do everything in their power to shut my website down, and the truth.

However, my task toils on...