Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cold Hard Truth

Want to know the real reason why we cannot throw money at "alternative fuels" indiscriminately? Do you remember twenty years ago that scientists had discovered Cold Fusion? That Cold Fusion was going to revolutionize everything we knew about energy consumption? Well, the results couldn't be duplicated and scientists are still looking for that elusive Cold Fusion technique.

Now imagine if the state of Maryland had dumped millions of dollars into this unproven hypothesis, all at the expense of taxpayers and local businesses. Would have looked like a pretty stupid decision, would it not?

Well, if you replace then with now, and Cold Fusion with Global Warming, then the above can explain the likely passage of the Son of Global Warming Solutions Act in the General Assembly....

Twenty years from now, will we be thanking our state leaders for not succumbing to rash decision making? Or will we, our state in financial tatters, be asking why the people of Maryland allowed their leaders to sacrifice common sense for political expediency?



Phillip said...

Nitrogen is about 70%

Oxygen is about 15%

Argon is about 1%

and Carbon Dioxide the evil culprit is 0.038% of the atmosphere

The whole thing is a Marxist hoax.

Anonymous said...

what's Marx got to do, got to do with it ?

Phillip said...

Marxists seek to use what ever hoax and crisis that they can lie about to destroy capitalism.

That is what the Marxist Obama and the rest of the Democrats are doing now..

Using the banking crisis which THEY designed to nationalize America into their socialist tyranny.

Remember, since Carter, Democrats have be using government power to force Banks to give mortgages to those who do not have the capacity to pay.

The bill for that complete and utter nonsensical use of govenrment force came due in September of 2008.

Now the numbskulls who caused the whole thing are using it to destroy capitalism.

The global warming hoax was just another of the idiotic leftist hoaxes which they use to create crisis so that they can attempt to enact their tyrannical rule.

Why do so many Americans support Tyranny and defend these tyrants?