Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Will Sensibility Prevail in Minnesota?

On election night, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that Republican Senator Norm Coleman held a 725 vote lead over Democrat Al Franken in the race for Senate in Minnesota. Now, I am somewhat concerned that the lead has mysteriously dipped down to 204. While I am a registered Democrat, I always stress looking past party lines to identify the candidate best suited to serve his/her constituency.

Not only has Senator Coleman done a fair job serving the interests of Minnesota's citizenry, he's much more capable than a demagogue like Al Franken. Face it, Franken made his name as a mudslinger for the left. Likewise, he has shown an inability to control his anger in front of those who disagree with him. In addition, his past lewd comments regarding sexuality expose him as little more than a disgusting pervert. In other words, what does Franken really bring to the table?

That being said, so far 1,211,356 Minnesotans have gone on record as saying they want him to represent them. People really need to ask themselves if they're better served by someone like Coleman, who approaches each issue with refreshing independence, or Franken, who'll be wholly ineffective because both sides will rush to distance themselves from such as a controversial figure.

In one week's time, Franken has gained 521 votes through a "recount". With this "recount" not scheduled for completion until mid-December, can Norm Coleman hold on? For the sake of sanity, let's hope so.



Daniel said...

Rather than repeat the question (since it is the lead), here is my answer to it.

It hasn't demonstrated that there has been any sensibility.

Even yet.

Don't hold your breath.

warpmine said...

Hold on to what? The DemonRats have already determined that there will be mysteriously found, the required votes for Frankendouche to come out on top. Absentee ballots found in a car and they are going to count? Why? Isn't there a statute eliminating them after a certain date or does that only apply to military ballots? Same thing happened in Wash. State four years ago. Appalling doesn't quite describe it.

Inside informer said...

Al Franken is the winner