Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Resurrecting the Myth

A column in the Sun by Atwood "Woody" Collins III, Chairman of the Greater Baltimore Committee, this morning once again resurrects the myth of the recession-proof economy. Sadly, the same points as always are trotted out to make this point: the federal workforce and federal spending, a stronger housing market, our medical facilities, and a diversified economy.

Of course, as I said back in April, these points can merely give on the impression that an economy is "recession-proof." Just because Maryland enjoys lower unemployment than most states given its location near Washington and the number of federal and federal contracting jobs does not mean that the economy is strong. One need only look at local business, local restaurants, local shopping facilities, to notice that they aren't as crowded anymore. Regardless of unemployment and the job market and regardless of the housing market, we are in a recession, one that started with O'Malley's tax increases and reckless spending hikes, and has continued with the more recent sharp decline in the global economy. We are in a recession just like everybody else, only exacerbated by irresponsible leadership in our state government.

Collins also concludes with this silly piece:

In these extremely challenging times, it's clear that our region is in a better position than many to weather the worst effects of this storm. And our remarkably resilient nation, as it always has in difficult times, will recover from this period and emerge stronger and wiser.
While we always come out stronger, I have a funny feeling given who sits in positions of power in our state and federal governments, we sure won't come out any wiser. If economic downturns made leaders wiser, we certainly would not have seen O'Malleynomics unleashed on the citizenry of Maryland, and the corresponding irresponsible tax hikes and spending increases that have gone with it. I am under no presumption that the Democratic Congress and the Obama Administration are going to learn anything either, particularly in light of Obama's promised tax increases that are going to impact the economic plight of every individual American citizen for the worse.

While Maryland is better position than most, the perpetuation of this myth of a recession-proof economy is doing little but attempting to give political cover to liberal politicians who misguidedly think that we can tax and spend our way out of this climate. And not only is that turning out to be politically unpopular, but it's also bad leadership. You cannot continue to do what got you into this mess and think that it is going to magically get you out of it.

Maryland and Marylanders need tax cuts across the board, and Maryland government needs a drastic reduction in spending. Now.



Anonymous said...


Nationally the unemployment rate is up 1.4% over the last year

MidAtlantic Region (Unemployment increase over last year):
Pa: 1.3%
Va: 1.2%
Del: 1.5%
DC: 1.3%
MD: 1.0%

Maryland is feeling the pain from the recession right now like every other state in the union and every other country in the world. The fact is Maryland under the leadership of Governor O'Malley has seen a lower unemployment rate increase then the nation as a whole and we are also doing better then every other state in the MidAtlantic region.

O'Malley's efforts to help our middle class have helped lessen the pain we would have otherwise felt during the recession.

-Dr. A

streiff said...

Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

This post is simply silly beyond belief. The idea that this reflects any of O'Malley's policies is simply dishonest in the extreme.

If you want to shill in this manner FSP is the place for you.

Anonymous said...

o malley has helped-VA,WV, PA,and DE gain more productive citizens,that is all he has done for the mid atlantic.

Daniel said...

I guess some people have forgotten O'Malley's lousy rating given him as a result of his fiscal policies....

Karen Duvall said...

We must reduce taxes to the Middle class in Maryland

A Life Well Lived said...

O'Malley's job approval rating is 53% according to the latest published polling.

And that from a newspaper that did not endorse him.