Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

From Jim Geraghty...

Among the joys of conservatism are its appreciation for tradition and its recognition that the core — and not merely the corners — of our daily life proceeds untouched by the realms of politics and government. Government can tax our paychecks, prick our liberty with a thousand sharp regulations, and keep us at endless lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles. But the rituals of Thanksgiving are beyond the reach of Leviathan and political correctness — at least for now.

Some things don’t change, and thank God for that.

Happy Thanksgiving


Rational Republican said...

Thank God ? You are making the incorrect assumption that we all believe in God.

streiff said...

We're only concerned with people who are at least perceptive enough to adhere to Pascal's Wager.

If you don't believe in God, you're welcome to find another site to visit. Really. Trust me. We won't miss you.

Daniel said...

Well, I know and believe in The Almighty.

And let me tell "RR" there - he's about to be disappointed when it comes time.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, I know I did.

RAtional republican said...


you are a frightened little lamb looking for a mythical sheppard to keep you in line and make you decisions for you.

streiff said...

that's not what your mom said last night