Sunday, August 31, 2008


On Isaac's post regarding Governor Palin, it's turning into a jungle over there:

That's your final answer, Brian? Is there any action, any at all, that a Republican can take that makes you say "hold on, WTF, I can't justify this?" Is it all ultimately just a game for you, you pusball? Does nothing matter other than making whatever argument is at hand? Is there finally no limit to your mendacity and your smarminess? At long last, sir, have you no decency whatsoever?
- lefty
Sigh. One of many insults hurled at her, me, and Republicans in general. Their desperation is hysterical. I guess that's what I get for pointing out facts.

The depths Democrats will go to defend their (unqualified) candidate and discriminate against Governor Palin is impressive.



P. Kenneth Burns said...

Did you have to look up any words to understand what he was saying?

From Maryland Politics Today August 2007:

"I think reading [Isaac's] piece was the first time I had to look up words while reading a blog entry. I am happy however that Smith does have a more expanded vocabulary than myself while writing."

Let's not forget the chyron

D. C. Russell said...

Even the local Dems seem to be scared by Gov. Palin.

Arthur Turner is vice-chairman of the PG Democratic Party (the group that sent David Harrington to the MD senate despite the federal investigation of his possible corruption while a PG council member.

Mr. Turner's view, posted on various PG-Politics and Prince George's Discussion mailing lists, seems to be that Gov. Palin is unqualified because she did not mention Shirley Chisholm along with Ferraro and Clinton.

Two examples:

fed up with red said...

DESPERATION??? The DESPERATE party here is the McCain campaign, picking the most unqualified candidate in modern history to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. There is no possible explanation for this beside pure gimmickry and pandering to the supposed Hillary supporters that the GOP is hoping, praying are going to jump ship to Pander Bear McCain. Reading your blog entries is like listening to the Iraqi Radio wax on about being victorious while American troops were storming Baghdad. But you guys delude yourselves about everything else, so why should I expect anything different?

Higgy said...

fed up - I guess picking a totally unqualified candidate for pres. doesn't count. Gov. Palin has more executive experience than either OHB or Biden.

Bruce Godfrey said...

I disagree broadly with your analysis, Brian, as we've discussed elsewhere.

But the biggest mistake that the liberals are making is forgetting that it's McCain in charge. And he should be the target, not Palin. We are spending too much ink and sweat on her, and not enough taking McCain's head off. So in that sense, the choice was smart.

It was also smart, in my judgment, to evoke severe personal fouls from some liberals bloggers. Not that blogs are the core medium of this national fight (our blogger pride notwithstanding), but they are the express train for many themes, arguments, etc. They are an interesting place to trot out themes before calling the printer, etc.

I simply refuse to count Wassila. It's smaller than Westminster and was a lot smaller when she was running it. She has 18-20 months of running a small government of a very small state. She doesn't even have tax administration experience because her state doesn't collect ordinary taxes except a few minor excises. Her state's budget comes off of fees from the pipeline, a rich cash machine for which no analog exists in the lower 48 at the federal or state level. It's so rich that not only does the state not collect sales or income taxes, it actually pays $2K of welfare to most Alaskan adults annually. It does not translate to Washington, or even to Iowa.

Perhaps, in fairness, she has more knowledge and experience of natural resource issues than does the average governor, since Alaska is abundantly rich and unusually burdened with administering such resources. She may also have some unusual strong knowledge of Indian/Native affairs.

Wind River said...

bruce "it actually pays $2K of welfare to most Alaskan adults annually."

Link to that please.

Alaska DOES have a fund started around 1980 that pays EVERY Alaska resident, man women and child, with royalties collected from the oil/gas companies. Palin expanded that program.

lefty said...

Poor wittle Bwian got his feewings hurt? Me sowwy. Feewl vewwy vewwy bad. Fwends?

Bruce Godfrey said...

wind river -

thank you. is a link to the eligibility. Children are also eligible if they residency requirements and they have a Alaskan sponsor; I stand corrected. Unclear whether the check is paid in trust or whether the sponsor can cash it.

The residency requirement is one calendar year's prior residency. Accordingly, short-term or new residents for other purposes (e.g. registering to vote, applying for a driver's license, etc.) cannot necessarily collect.

I call "welfare" any payment you get merely for living someplace and not dying. But this is a debatable semantic point.

In any event, Marylanders are used to handing over 5-6.5% of their pay to Annapolis and getting back maybe a few hundred from excess withholding, or owing. NOT getting a $2K check merely for not dying.

Wind River said...

Bruce, was not Nancy Pelosi saying JUST the other day that she wanted to EXPAND the royalties oils/gas companies pay.............the the GOVERNMENT? Palin shares it with the people of Alaska.