Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kratovil Promises ...

... But Could He Deliver?

Democrat congressional candidate Frank Kratovil launched his latest TV commercial last night. It's chock full of promises. The only question is, could Blue Dog Frank deliver IF he were elected?

End our dependence on foreign oil? How Frank? You're opposed to offshore drilling, along with your masters - Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Do you think that wind and solar are the answers? They're only part of a solution.

You'll crack down on illegal immigration? The folks who run the Democrat caucus want illegals to be able to vote. They'll never allow a stop to illegal immigration. It's a key part of the Democrat power strategy, along with allowing felons to vote.

Cut taxes? On who Frank? Unless you qualify for welfare, your party thinks you're one of the "rich" and should be taxed into the stone age.

Cut wasteful spending? Sure you would. Admittedly the GOP has a bad record on this issue, but not as bad as the Democrats. Your party rode into power in 2007 promising to do those same things. What have they done? Nada.

I don't know how big the buy on this commercial is Frank, but keep it up. Buy some more. Nobody's going to believe you. That will mean you'll have even less to spend on something useful.

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Chester Peake said...

Montanna'S Governor just said that the most important barrel of oil is the one you don't use... just like the O'Malley administration said that the most important watt of energy is the one not used... birds of a feather!
Are you not using it because you choose to conserve it, or because either it doesn't exist or because you are forced to conserve it by force, even if you need that energy??

Bismarck said...

Most of Kratovil’s major donors are labor unions. Big labor is the most ardent advocate of big government. Are these unions really spending their members money to elect a conservative (blue dog) Democrat?

I don’t think so.