Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joe Biden: the First Democratic Principal Who Really Believes Barack Obama is Ready to Be President

-Richard E. Vatz

Finally, a speech by a major Democratic politician who appears to really believe that Senator Barack Obama is ready to lead.

Following President Bill Clinton’s speech (see below), Joe Biden gave a rousing speech, not just pro-Democratic and not just anti-Senator John McCain, but genuinely -- even if doused with a little sophistry -- pro-Barack Obama.

He made the case that Senator Obama had been shown to be correct – and Sen. McCain incorrect -- on foreign policy decision after foreign policy decision. He oversimplified the latter Senator’s positions and left out the issue of Senator Obama’s manifestly poor judgment on the surge, which may have turned the war around, but his support for Sen. Obama appeared genuine.

Sen. Biden – let’s hope the Sen. McCain chooses a governor for his Vice Presidential pick – spoke of Senator Obama’s superintending of effective senatorial bills, which may have been a stretch, but at least the Delaware Senator appeared to believe it.

More than a little sophistry: Sen. Biden portrayed the Russian invasion of Georgia as one for which Senator Obama as president would hold Russia accountable. What will he do that President Bush hasn’t done, and what would Senator McCain do that would have been irresponsible?

Nevertheless, it was good to hear from an accomplished speaker who authentically believes in the presidential appropriateness of Senator Obama, even if during the primary campaign Sen. Biden unambiguously stated that Senator Obama wasn’t ready.

Richard Vatz teaches political rhetoric at Towson University


Frank Keegan said...

What Nancy & Steny should tell Barack:
Apply ‘R’ word to government 8/28/08
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, when Barack Obama gives his historic acceptance speech tonight, he even mentions fiscal responsibility?
He has been pretty good about lobbing the ‘R’ word as rhetorical campaign grenades when he’s talking about what citizens owe the greater common good. READ IT AT:

Daniel said...

This is tongue in cheek, yes?

After all these video clips where I hear Sen. Biden making all kinds of verbal faux pas???