Monday, August 25, 2008

Jimmy Carter Redux ...

... Can America afford Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Frank Kratovil?

Driving into the office this morning I heard an interview with House Speaker Nancy "Little Tommy" Pelosi. In her closing remarks she stated that she looked forward to the Democrats having a larger majority in January so that she could "end the war in Iraq and begin fixing the economy".

As for ending the war in Iraq, that is a farce. There is little that Congress can do short of pulling funding. The Democrats simply don't posses the stones for a move like that.

What concerns me most is her desire to "fix" the economy. History has shown us that government, while able to inflict great damage, can do little to "fix" an economy. The only forms of government action which have proven successful are those that simply undo past mistakes. Things like reducing spending, lowering taxes, reducing the regulatory burden on the nation's citizens and employers.

Sure, we all know that Dems like Obama, Biden, and Pelosi all think that the FDR administrations was proof that massive deficit spending will cure all ills. Unfortunately, history has since taught us that it was World War II, and not the welfare state, which dragged the US out of the Great Depression. All of those juicy government programs simply provided temporary, and local, fixes to problems.

Consequently, what is expected to be mild to average recession in 2009 could turn into a severe downturn if Obama, Biden and Pelosi have their collective way. While it is certainly not a slam dunk that we'll see an Obama-Biden ticket elected, should we risk putting an extra vote for socialism in Congress - like Frank Kratovil?

I know, Blue Dog Frank claims that he's INDEPENDENT. Unfortunately, INDEPENDENT translates from the "Democrat Speak" into - "I may vote in the best interests of my district UNTIL Speaker Pelosi tells me otherwise."

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AnotherWatcher said...

Pelosi was quoted in the NYT's Sunday saying, "We've got a planet to save. Nothing less is at stake other than civilization as we know it today."

She REALLY does believe Obama is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ himself. Obama will save the planet for the 7 Horsemen. No plague or locust. He even said "the rise of the oceans will slow, the planet will begin to heal."

This woman is showing she has a serious mental disorder and or is delusional.

AnotherWatcher said...

Obama said Saturday he picked Biden because he trusted his judgment.
Obama made it through the the primaries by opposing the war and promising to bring the troops home. Biden voted FOR the war AND to keep funding them and he said the surge was needed. What kind of judgment is that in Obama's eyes?

Mister D. said...

AW,one can only wonder.

Oh,the humanity...oh,the hypocrisy...

Bruce Godfrey said...

Of course you pull funding. You pull the funding for the war materiel, and bring the personnel stateside. Shame on the Democrats for tolerating BS rhetoric like "not paying the troops" as if a million paychecks at the Army credit unions were going to bounce.

No, you get out of this war, it's not our country and we have no legitimate interest there beyond the oil, and we can get the oil one way or another. You stop paying Halliburton and its million-merc army. You stop paying for protheses and critical care for soliders who aren't getting blown to shreds. The military personnel eat cheaper, as s*** on a shingle is cheaper at Andrews AFB than in the Green Zone. Plus the stop-loss policies go to the wayside, so people can muster out and earn stateside paychecks, paying taxes on them and maybe at most staying in the reserves.

It's not "stopping the pay" - it's Homecoming for the Heroes and honorable discharges for hundreds of thousands of them. Time for the Iraqi army blood to bleed if any's going to bleed, as it's not our colony, no matter how much luxury investment the DoD hacks want thrown into our Green Zone oasis.

Obama is the Anti-Christ said...

Cut and Run Bruce. Just like all the other leftists. We already won the damn war and now it is mop up. The terrorists have all gone to collect their virgins or to Afghanistan, the next place even your boy Obama wants to send all our troops. He wants a SURGE there for God sake.