Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fears Allayed

The other day I wrote that it would be a shame if we would no longer had the Baltimore Sun editorial board to kick around anymore. Well, today said editorial board provides another chance to lace up my boot.

Senator Obama captured the imagination of millions of Americans last winter by promising to open a new political era by moving beyond the bitter partisan warfare that has defined Washington in recent years. He spoke sensibly about issues ranging from the war in Iraq to the challenge of a sputtering economy.

But more recently, Mr. McCain has closed a large gap in the polls. Some worried Democrats want Mr. Obama to sell himself as a true American, while others want him to offer more detailed policy proposals or pursue a more personal assault on Senator McCain.

Mr. Obama should trust his instincts and remain faithful to his original pledge of change. He can contrast that bright vision with a McCain campaign that thus far has relied on familiar political trench warfare. As Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said in Denver this week, the torch has been passed.

Apparently, the Sun editorial writers have succumbed to the siren song of Obama’s post partisan nonsense. Please tell me how speaking in vapid platitudes about change and unity will lead to a “new political era” of bipartisanship? Will electing “The One” magically make all our political differences disappear overnight? Of course not. What the Sun, and others who preach this tripe, are really saying is that we knuckle dragging troglodyte conservatives must give up our beliefs and accede to their wishes, or—gasp—we are divisive; enemies of unity, change, hope, and all good things. If a Republican were preaching this rhetoric in furtherance of conservative policy goals, would the Sun editorial board automatically abandon all its differences with such a candidate? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Lost on the Sun editorial board, is fact that democracy is fundamentally about disagreement i.e., partisanship. You could eliminate all political parties, but our basic philosophical differences would remain. The founders created a system of government (checks and balances and protection of minority rights) specifically designed to diffuse the very type of unity, which Obama claims as his highest value.

“Divisiveness” writes Jonah Goldberg in National Review, “the setting of faction against faction, one branch of government against another, and the sovereignty of the individual above the group — was for the founders the great guarantor of our liberties and the source of civic virtue.”

Obama’s demonization, of those who dare to criticize him, as “divisive” is in reality, nothing more than Obama practicing, in disguise, the very type of politics he claims to abhor. The Sun editorial board, like the rest of his fawning media disciples, is just following suit.

At the risk of being too divisive, the Sun editorial board needs another history lesson if they think that the torch has been passed from JFK to Obama.


warpmine said...

If the other side wishes to narrow the political divide then just perhaps they could pledge allegiance to the United States rather than funding groups that want anarchy. Perhaps they could acknowledge that killing the unborn is morally wrong and should be limited to extreme cases.

Of course this will never be the case for the other side, the Liberal, Progressive side will always ally themselves against the constitution and with the enemies of our republic.

The divide is vast and dug deep with the purpose of destruction of our current way of life. Socialism is what they want, dictatorial power for the elite over the common people because "they know their right" on every issue despite screwing everything they touch up in a very large manner.

Free markets work very well however their solution is to line the roads with anti-market mines of government regulation that stifles all solutions to any problem.

The Left's solution to unity is for the conservatives to admit error while they pat themselves on the back and admit nothing.

We will never be united as long as the left indoctrinates our children via the Public Educational systems throughout the country.

War is the solution as the battle lines have been drawn in the sand and their side has for the most part indoctrinated their followers in such a way they they will jump to any command given no matter how arbitrary it might be.

I see no way out of our predicament.
This concludes my rant on this Thursday 28 August 2008

Bruce Godfrey said...

Mark, while not sharing your politics, I agree with you about partisanship. Partisanship encourages rigorous competition, tough decision-making and accountability. If anything, the unpopularity of the current Congress derives from its leadership's unwillingness to take their own side in a political fistfight.

I mean, Harry Reid? You guys should be making fun of him every day. He presents himself not like a leader of an major political party in an august deliberative body, but like someone trying hard to upsell you on your cheaper choice of casket. Bush may be dead wrong (my vote) or solidly competent, but you know there are some things he won't do. Reid is capable of caving on anything, though Lieberman doesn't help (please, McCain, pick Lieberman, please please please.....)

Mark Newgent said...

Bruce, you are the most agreeable man to disagree with!