Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soros/ Move On's latest "gem"...

The gang who can't seem to "move on" from losing the 2004 presidential election is proving once again that they are in Obama's pocket. Here's their latest ad they are hoping to put on Comedy Central & Mtv. I'm sure that audience will eat it up.

Here's a much better ad, not as "up', but dealing with more important and tangible issues.


warpmine said...

Because they "hope" they can win with this year's choice' socialist. Struck out in 2000 and yet again in 2004 with the bases juiced but '08 is different. We have a half black African, half Caucasian man who looks great in a suit or anything else they can stick him in.

You've heard the term "empty suit", Obama defines it perfectly. Without the teleprompter, he's a bumbling fool, an emperor with no clothes so "they" hope that the time is short enough so that the young and the senile old folks don't find out Obamessiah is but a dream from the mind of liberal nutcase, George "Can't you see I'm insane" Soros.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how warpmine can assert that Obama's a "bumbling fool" without his teleprompter. Have you ever seen him give a live interview, or extemporaneous remarks? It's one thing to not like his policies; it's another entirely to criticize a Harvard-educated professor on his mental faculties. I'd be much more concerned about McCain, who's wont to mix up Sunni and Shia, and can't get the timeline of the Sunni Awakening straight in his head. Oops.