Friday, July 25, 2008

Instead Of State Stat O'Malley Needs Gov. Arnold's Plan!

While Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley uses Capitol Hill as a photo op for his so-called 'StateStat" program, he should instead be following the example of Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California.

Schwarzenegger is facing mounting deficits like O'Malley, but unlike our Governor, Schwarzenegger refuses to increase taxes -- instead opting to cut spending.

Not only that, Schwarzenegger has shown the guts to stand eyeball to eyeball to the liberal Democratic hordes in the California Assembly by threatening to cut state workers' pay to the minimum wage of $6.55 an hour, if lawmakers don't stop paying games and give him a responsible budget he can sign, according to the Los Angeles Times.

It's clear by his actions that Schwarzenegger gets it, and the O'Malley simply doesn't.

What do you think?

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Greg Kline said...

Don't put too many eggs in the Arnold basket. It is very likely he will cave and agree to some tax increase.

stateworker said...

Do you really think Arnold WILL actually reduce wages for over 200,000 workers? What will these workers do to live? How will Arnold decide who gets the pay cuts? They balance the budget, then Arnold needs to pay these people the back wages, what does he do then? Where does he get the money for that? This is simply posturing by a politician who is in danger of becoming the next Gray Davis.

Daniel said...

Perhaps the "Terminator" knows how to play poker better than his legislature?

Unfree State said...

Arnold has his detractors, but compared to Gov. O'Malley, he looks like Ronald Wilson Reagan!

A Life Well Lived said...

When is a tax increase not a tax increase? When a republican does it?

At least Arnold and Gov. O'Malley were honest enough to speak to the issue directly with the voters.

Bob just snuck he multiple massive tax hikes undercover.

Schwarzenegger urges 'creative' revenue increases without tax hikes

The Republican governor did not specify ways the state could raise more revenues without increasing taxes. He previously has discussed leasing the California Lottery to a private firm and reducing tax credits and incentives, said Department of Finance spokesman H.D. Palmer.

Schwarzenegger's remarks Tuesday move him closer to the Democratic position that a balance of cuts and taxes is necessary to resolve the state budget gap. Republicans have stressed that the state must cut spending rather than search for new revenues.

Unfree State said...


Do your homework: How much is Gov. Arnold cutting percentage wise compare with Gov. Marty?

How many parks and other state services has Gov. Arnold closed or cut back? How about Gov. Marty?

Let's see which one cut the most. I think you already know!

A Life Well Lived said...

I've done mine...if you have answers to YOUR them.

You want parks closed? Organize a protest demanding it.

Maybe you think the governor should sell them off like Bob tried to do.

Unfree State said...

A life,

I clearly stated in the post what I wanted. I want a Gov. like Arnold who really cuts sending and taxes, unlike the tax-and-spender we have today. And judging by some private polls I've heard about, so do a lot of other Marylanders!

What do your Party's private polls show? Mine sharing?


Mister D. said...

Unfree State-

Now, you know that trolls don't like sharing. That's the liberal/marxist way.