Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Frank Kratovil's Friends Levy Tax on Workers

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has pledged to spend $150 million in the 2008 election. There's just one problem. As David Anderson noted, the SEIU doesn't have $150 million to spend on political activity.

Since the government wouldn't give them the money - the lefty solution of choice - they've opted for another liberal fave - TAX. Unfortunately for the SEIU (fortunately for you and I), they can't tax the average citizen - YET. Instead they have imposed a tax on their membership at the local level.

This levy of $6 per member may be illegal. Does that really matter? In the world of Frank Kratovil, Barack Obama, and Fidel Castro it's the ends that matter, not the means. Of course we can all agree that electing Barack Obama to the presidency and sending Frank Kratovil (who the SEIU has already maxed out to) to Congress is far more important than pesky little details like the rule of law, personal liberty or freedom of speech.

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Bismarck said...

Virtually all unions in the United States engage in the practice of using compulsory dues and fees for political and ideological activities, although the SEIU is breaking new ground in this case.

However, there is help out there for rank and file workers to fight back. The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation provides free legal representation to workers whose rights are violated by organized labor.

Know your rights:

Anonymous said...

By definition, SEIU cannot levy a "tax" - only a government entity when Ehrlich and Harris raised our property taxes by 50%.

Instead, the SEIU can levy a fee on their members. A fee is a direct payment for services when Ehrlich and Harris raised fees on drivers licenses, vehicle registrations, etc.

Higgy said...

Anon, you are truly a comedian! Trying to justify the unjustifiable by lying is too funny for words

Anonymous said...

I fail to find the humor in the taxes and fees Ehrlich and Harris raised while at the same time claiming to be fiscal conservatives. And I fail to find the humor as this hypocrisy led the state to slide back into a single party, monopoly run government.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...

A fee is a direct payment for services received?

No, in the cases you mention there is no service received, there is a privilege purchased.

Just wait until Congress figures out that they can start calling "tax increases" fees... which, frankly, might be more honest way to do it.

Imagine... you could get a bill every month with an itemized list of charges like "Iraq War Fee" and "Feeding John Murtha Fee" and "Prosecuting Border Agents Fee" and the "Congressman Boinking Pages Fee".

And so on.

Mister D. said...

"this hypocrisy led the state to slide back into a single party, monopoly run government."

It already was and still is. Yuor point?