Saturday, July 26, 2008

Video On Casa's Site Shows White Professionals Begging For Work!

Unfree State

You could say that Casa De Maryland, an advocacy group for legal and illegal immigrants, is trying to show white professionals how it feels to be an immigrant standing on a corner looking for work. 

A new video linked to the nonprofit's Web site shows a group of middle-aged, professional white men and women in suits and ties standing in the street waiting to be hired by a Hispanic man in a pick-up truck. You got to see this to believe it!

I find it racist and ageist. The only people it shows begging for work are middle aged and white! Surely, this is not accidental. What happened to the diversity Casa so strongly embraces? 

Please tell me what you think.

Click here to view the video 

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Maryland Conservatarian said...

Damn - if only there was a place that had the leadership consistent with CASAs membership that could be culturally sensitive to the plight of these poor immigrants...oh wait, thee is - Mexico

Last Reporter said...

Mexico, a land where multi-billionaire oil men let their people starve in the streets, and encourage them to come here illegally.

Good deal for them. We buy their outrageously priced oil and we take care of their poor so they won't have an uprising.