Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Context

Not that he needs my help defending himself, but Red Maryland contributor Rick Vatz, who was a target of Daivd Paulson's pusillanimous smear, rightly puts Paulson's attack in proper context.

Laura Vozzella's column "Can't we just get along?" (June 22) describes Democratic Party spokesman David Paulson's false suggestion of racial insensitivity in the hosts' reactions to a call from an African-American listener on the Ehrlichs' weekly radio show on WBAL.

Such a claim by a member of the state Democratic hierarchy, which has exhibited overt, ugly and destructive racism over the last six years, is hypocrisy at its worst.

In addition to the examples of Democratic insensitivity cited in Ms. Vozzella's column by former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s spokesman, Henry Fawell - of Rep. Steny
H. Hoyer and state Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller's use of racial epithets against former Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele - there was the silence among most Democratic office-holders when Mr. Steele was called "Simple Sambo" on a liberal blog, there was state Sen. Lisa A. Gladden's justifying the use of ugly racial slurs against Mr. Steele by arguing that "party trumps race," and there was Democratic Del. Salima S. Marriott's suggestion that comparisons of Mr. Steele to a slave or an Oreo cookie were deserved because he's a conservative.

The silence about or condoning of such racial attacks by many Democrats conveys the message that vile racial rhetorical assaults are acceptable to Democrats in Maryland if they are made about an African-American conservative.

Richard E. Vatz Towson The writer is a professor of rhetoric at Towson University who was a panelist on the radio show discussed in Ms. Vozzella's column.


A Life Well Lived said...

I would like to know if Mr. Vatz thinks "race trumps party?"

justdafacts said...


Perhaps a more informative dialogue with Prof. Vatz on racial issues would involve his views on minority set-asides.

Gov. Ehlrich couldn’t get enough of them. Rather, he really liked them; it was his friends who couldn’t get enough of them.

Prof. Richard Vatz, for one, departed from mainline conservative dogma on this issue:

City Paper, “The Charicature Issue,” Edward Ericson, 10/25/06

Murphy may be Ehrlich’s most prominent Democratic supporter in the African-American community, but the governor’s support of minority business enterprises (MBEs) has helped other Ehrlich supporters–even Vatz, who is white and usually takes conservative positions on political issues.”

“I do favor” minority business set-asides, Vatz says. “And let me announce my bias. My wife is the head of a minority-business enterprise, and in my observation, without some legal intercession, you cannot guarantee” equal treatment.”

“In 2003, Joanne Vatz founded an information technology consultancy called Cirdan Group. Joanne Vatz is white, but Maryland categorizes white women as a minority…..”

- Steve Lebowitz

Duke hoops fan said...

justdafacts -

How is it that when conservatives speak it is, in your opinion mainline dogma? Try re-reading your own stuff if you want mainline party dogma.

Have some more kool aid.

justdafacts said...


Sorry I offended you with "mainline conservative dogma."

How about, "Prof. Vatz departed with many conservatives who oppose minority set-asides."

Do you favor minority set-asides, as Prof. Vatz and Gov. Ehrlich do?

Do you think Prof. Vatz's opinion is influenced by his wife finding lucrative minority set-aside state business during Gov. Ehrlich's tenure?

Duke hoops fan said...

jzcwiiJDF -

No offense taken, I just thought it was kind of a cheap shot typical of those whose ideology is consistently, firmly on the left.

I'm OK with some set asides as long as they are administered in a very open manner in the light of day.

Did Prof. Vatz's wife do anything wrong? I doubt it, but I don't know and neither do you.

On another note, all kidding aside, how's the boat biz? Are you a broker or do you represent a particular brand?