Friday, June 27, 2008

Heller Decision - Like Getting Hit in the Face With a Bat

Imagine waking up this morning and finding out that you no longer had the right of free speech, or the right to assemble. A few minutes later the police kick in your door - WITHOUT a warrant.


Yet, today many of us are celebrating that the Supreme Court of the United States has affirmed that we have an individual right to keep and bear arms - sort of. Keep thinking about that for a moment and you might become as distressed as I am.

Yesterday's Heller decision was a 5-4 vote. THINK ABOUT IT! 5-4.

With the swing of a single vote, you could have lost one of your fundamental rights. It doesn't matter whether you own a gun or not. Personally, I wouldn't get in a twist about having to quarter troops, but I'm still glad that I have the right to refuse (Amendment III).

This is what we face. As Jim Geraghty at National Review Online, David Schenck over at SCOTUS Blog, and others are noting - this year's presidential election became a lot more important.

God forbid, what if Justice Scalia retires or passes? Do you honestly want Barack Obama picking his replacement. It's more likely that the next retirements will be Justices Stevens and Ginsberg. Would you still prefer Obama to pick THEIR replacements? Or John McCain?

Four Justices of the Supreme Court just said that the 2nd Amendment DOES NOT mean what it says. We've been forced, for many years, to put up with Justices who add imaginary "rights" literally out of the seats of their pants. That's bad enough. What happens when they start deciding that it's OK to simply void rights that are WRITTEN in the constitution? That is what four sitting justices have basically said.

That's when you wake up and find that you can no longer say what you want, or gather with some of your friends, or attend the church of your choice (or perhaps have to go).

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Steve Schulin said...

Half of the four Justices you (rightfully) excoriate were nominated by Republican President. I don't want Obama to be President. And McCain looks like an invitation to disaster, too. I'm glad that Alan Keyes is running for President as an independent. Last week, folks in Colorado successfully petitioned to get him on the ballot. Similar efforts are under way in dozens of other states. Here in Maryland, a new party is petitioning for ballot access -- Maryland Independent Party -- and I hope our new party will nominate Dr. Keyes as a God-fearin', liberty-lovin', sovereignty-conservin' choice on every ballot in the state.

Daniel said...

Alan Keyes?

Used to be here in Maryland? Used to run for office in Maryland?

Now running for office in a different state?

Just how many states has he done this in?

Sounds like a vote/office hopper.