Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dixon & Currie Probes Being Boiled Down To Race

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Sadly, as I predicted and knew would happen, a state investigation against Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon and a federal investigation against Prince George's County state Sen. Ulysses Currie are being reduced to the common denominator of race.

Just listen to any talk show in town, read any newspaper, talk to politicians or people in the street, and you'll see that already they are divided along racial lines. Most white people say that the Dixon and Currie investigations are fair and long overdue, while most black people say they are witch hunts designed by the white power structure to bring down black politicians, who are only following in the footsteps of their corrupt, white predecessors. Why begrudge them when it's their turn to taste the spoils of political power?

It is at moments like these when such arguments swirl in the air that I believe any unity or good government on a local, state or even national level is impossible. Because professional politicians have learned well over the years, and are skilled at using our differences against us. As a result, they can bilk us all and make many of us thank them for it!

As long as we think of ourselves as members of different ethnic tribes fighting against each other, those sly and ambitious people who often get elected, will continue to grow more corrupt and tyrannical. Unless we stop the race baiting and cut corruption out of our government where and when we see, then I'm afraid we will continue to be stuck in the murk of being governed by the very worst among us.

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Anonymous said...

Your overly generalized analysis indicates the same sloppy thinking you bemoan through this entry. Perhaps you should consider the two investigations as the separate events which they are. Also, it might be appropriate to allow for more than two constituencies, each with divergent feelings on the subjects.