Sunday, June 29, 2008

Are O'Malley and Angelos Making Peace?

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The bitter enmity between Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Baltimore Orioles owner Peter G. Angelos could be a thing of the past.

The Washington Post is reporting that the two men had dinner together in Little Italy last week, which was arranged by Senate President Thomas V. (Mike) Miller Jr.

"It was about moving forward in the future. None of the problems of the past were brought up," Miller told the Post.

It could be that both men realize it now makes sense to make peace.

In O'Malley's case, making friends with Angelos at a time when the Governor's popularity ratings are rock bottom, might serve as a insurance policy if he has to face Comptroller Peter Franchot in a tough Democratic primary battle, or former Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. in a general election in 2010. Although a Democrat, Angelos backed Ehrlich in the last two elections, in part because of his long-standing feud with O'Malley.

But now facing the prospect of a Barack Obama presidency for the next 4 to 8 years, Angelos could be hedging his bets by making nice with O'Malley, who is now strongly supporting Obama.

What do you think? What does the meeting mean, if anything.

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Gunpowder Chronicler said...

Actually, I think it has to do more with "recharging" the supporter base in Baltimore City.

One of O'Guvnah's biggest supporters-- 1st Mariner Bancorp Chair Ed Hale -- may very well be pretty radioactive by 2010. Eddie lost a ton of business when he decided to whore out branch locations as giant billboards for O'Guvnah and the Dem ticket.

And now, Eddie has lost his beloved MISL, he and Canton Crossing LLC are being sued left and right by contractors who were not paid for work on the new tower, and the Board of 1st Mariner has shut off the bank as Ed's own personal debit card.

Plus, Eddie faces a lawsuit from another bank for defaulting on a loan.

Oh, and there is the ongoing FBI investigation into the practices of his loan officers in the former Virginia office with regards to subprime loan fraud.

O'Guvnah is probably working to ensure -- at least -- the neutrality of a man with deep pockets who could sway a statewide election if he chose.

With O'Guvnah on the brink of seeing a radical powershift in his Baltimore City base, he needs to shore up his flanks. It's smart politics, nothing more.

Which is why Mikey Miller arranged the meeting. Miller is a much smarter politician that O'Guvnah ever will be. If O'Guvnah was ugly, he'd never been elected.

Last Reporter said...

gunpowder chronicler,

You info is interesting and makes a lot of sense. Thanks for it, and please keep us posted!

Chester Peake said...

Did Ed Hale, who used to go to Ehrlich events and support him, turn toward MOM when he didn't get his way during the Ehrlich Admin in having the Passenger Cruiseline Terminal moved to his property in Canton? It's stuck in a pug-ugly location not conducive to tourism.

Now he wants the Civic Center (only named the 1st Mariner Arena but not owned by him) replacement built on his property there, correct? Maybe he is hoping for strings to be pulled there.

Gunpowder Chronicler said...


Actually, Eddie's switch to O'Guvnah came more as a result of a close and budding friendship they built why O'Guvnah was pushing through all the zoning changes and nonsense for Canton Crossing.

Eddie needed a lot of weight at the Hall, and O'Guvnah needed a new supporter.

They also spent a lot of time together, especially back when Eddie was still dating Jennifer Gilbert (and paying for her "enhancements").

Chester Peake said...

Now ya got me curious... was Eddie cheating while he was going to Bobby E. events with "Mrs. Hale"? Is the Mr. and Mrs. still together? Will the MISL be re-constituted? What will be built in Canton? Tune in tomorrow for another edition of "As the Stomach Churns".

Who needs soap operas when you have Maryland Politics?

Chester Peake said...

I guess Bobbt E. was right about these business-types. The Dems will keep passing stuff contrary to their best interests, but they still support the D's even if it is against those best interests. Look at the higher taxes on the well-off MOM touts now, environmental and other regulations that strangle business. Yet the people who should know better, the businessmen, keep doing it and never learn. I guess it's o.k. as long as you have a Dem in your pocket to help you though those same regs and who will pull strings (strings the Dem made in the first place). No loyalty to those who would support business in general, just temporary loyalty to those who help "my" business at a given point.