Wednesday, June 25, 2008



I made an serious error and misread the FEC database sum for the total number of Lipscomb contributions to Democratic political committees, which is actually $160,800. not the 1.6 million I initially posted.

I sincerely regret the error.

Also, I did not include Lipscomb's joint fundraising which is another $16,000 to the DNC Services Corporation.

The link below for some reason does not work, checking the link again is how I discovered my error. URL links to campaign finance databases, seems to be a problem, as I have come across this linking to the Maryland SBE database as well.

To see the these contributions go to the FEC Transaction Query By Individual Contributor page and put in Ronald Lipscomb and you will see the contributions.

Original Post
That is how much Lipscomb has given to Democrats according the FEC database . That number is minus the paltry $2,400 he split between Michael Steele and the National Republican Congressional Committee

$30,000 of that went to the Democratic State Central Committee of Maryland
Add another $20,000 to that account from Zaiafanice Lipscomb (Dorcaon's Office Manager) to make $50,000 from Lipsocomb/Doracon to the Maryland Democratic Party's federal account. So that's $241,000 total from Doracon/Lipscomb to the Maryland Democratic Party.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it ballzy that Ron is having his wife contribute money to help out his girlfriend's political rise?

A Life Well Lived said...

You link doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

betcha these stories don't make it on paulson's morning news clips from the MDDems/MD4BUSH headquarters, but Paulson's little lie pieces on other blogs do.

A Life Well Lived said...


Anyone can make mistakes. Give yourself a break.