Friday, May 23, 2008

Whining Piety

Not that I expect Governor Martin O'Malley (D) to read this, however I must insist on telling him, with all due respect, to please STOP WHINING!

O'Malley, as quoted in this morning's Baltimore Sun, "I wish we would arrive at a point where we would repeal the death penalty, but I do not have the luxury in this job or the permission in this job only to enforce laws that I'm in favor of and that I agree with. So, sadly, we'll be moving forward with those protocols."

Let's start off by saying that on it's face, this quote is completely bass ackwards. This man, chose not to enforce a law that he did not favor for the past 18 months. I will give him the benefit of the doubt for the first three months because the general assembly was trying to repeal the death penalty, but the problem is that those efforts ultimately failed.

This man was constitutionally bound to uphold the laws of the state of Maryland. You mean to tell me that he waited a full year and a half before he realized his oath does not allow him to pick and choose the laws he doesn't like to enforce? I'm sorry, I am not buying it. I would also like to add my voice to the skepticism of House Minority Leader Anthony O'Donnell (R-Dist. 29C). When O'Donnell stated that "This governor continues to drag his feet. He wants to convince Marylanders he wants to issue regulations to implement our state law when in fact I think he has no intention of ever doing so."

Two parallels in this one. O'Malley stated that developing new protocols would take most of the year. There is also a commission to study the death penalty...again. Either way, I have a feeling that everything will come to ahead in January 2009 at this rate.

The other parallel that O'Donnell pointed out was that Governor O'Malley was dragging his feet again and that he wants to convince Marylanders he wants to enforce state law when he has no intention to. Remember this time last year, O'Malley was going to propose "budget cuts" to the Board of Public Works? Well, the $300,000 that was proposed (and subsequently approved) was window dressing to convince us that O'Malley was willing to make cuts.

So here we go again with the Governor playing the pious PR campaign in order to win the popularity contest. You remember that contest, the one he mentioned earlier this year, where stated that he would sacrifice being popular to looking at himself in the mirror. I can imagine that it's starting to become a bit harder to do that this year. Especially since his tax hike is not going over so well, then there is the business of the BGE rate hikes that he vowed to stop. Now, his obstruction of the death penalty is starting to slip away, bit by bit. It's not a good thing to be Governor Martin O'Malley these days.


Daniel said...

How about we list all of the laws that MoM has broken/failed to follow?

Besides the one you speak of here concerning the Death Penalty?

warpmine said...

You can send an idiot to college and then law school but you can't force him/her to understand what the law is for and why as a chief executive, it is your sworn duty to enforce it.

Paul said...

Only a real desperate joe would call that a whine.

A man says what he thinks and then does what he must do. Sounds open and honest to me.

But, I understand most people would think so as well. Why else, manufacture an attack.

P. Kenneth Burns said...

Paul (nice name by the way) I have to strongly disagree with your comment.

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is also a democrat and also against the penalty. Not only did he said he will enforce and uphold the law, he has so far practice what he preached, allowing a number of executions to take place under his watch.

Despite his statement last week, he never had the luxury of picking and choosing the laws he favored, but in fact he did exactly that for the past 18 months in choosing not to order new protocols for the death penalty.

Two regular sessions and a special session of the general assembly have passed before he completely honored his oath to enforce the law. The will of the people want the death penalty, and he should have honored that from day one.

A Life Well Lived said...

What does any of that have to do with leveling with the people of Maryland, doing your job and being honest about it.

Do you view all Republicans as being the same, with the same appraoch to public policy?

I think you would recall that every state in the nation pretty much put their death penalty on hold until the Supreme Court ruled. They just did.

And yet you want to apply hindsight to your Governor while ignoring the facts. For the sake of what? A cheap attack line?

But while we're at it - get your facts straight:

Virginia's moratorium on the death penalty was ended Wednesday by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionally of lethal injections.

"In light of the Supreme Court ruling, executions will move forward according to the procedures that were in place prior to the court's decision," Gordon Hickey, Kaine's press secretary, said in a written statement. "The governor will continue to review any clemency requests on a case-by-case basis."

Kaine halted all executions on April 1 pending the high court's decision. The governor's action gave a temporary reprieve to Edward Nathaniel Bell, who had been scheduled to die April 8 for the 1999 murder of a Winchester policeman. Kaine, at the time, rescheduled Bell's execution for July 24.

P. Kenneth Burns said...

No sir, you get YOUR facts straight.

During the 2005 Gubernatorial Election in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Attorney General Jerry Kilgore (R) released an ad promoting the fact that then-Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine was against the death penalty and would not enforce it. Kaine released a response ad saying that he would enforce the death penalty because it was the law and he would uphold it as governor. Kaine has honored his word and there have been a couple of executions under his watch with a third one pending.

O'Malley outright refused to uphold the law, hoping that the Democrats would ram a moratorium through. Guess what sir, a strain of the two party system still lives in Maryland.

I also suggest that you read my blog in which I reported that Gov. Kaine, a Democrat, said that executions would resume. For further reading, read the editorials of The Washington times and The Capital.

And before you start accusing me of saying that all Republicans walk in lock step, remember that I am black and according to the Democratic party, I walk in lock step with the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Here is some more reading for you, my column from last week, "The Republicans acknowledge that they were wrong to play racial politics, but the conservative base was honest about their stance on Affirmative Action. Not every person in a political party agrees with each other, but they have core values that unite them."

So I suggest you stiffle your yourself, sir, before you use whatever talking points you pull from a democratic activist website.

A Life Well Lived said...

Whatever demons you think your wrestling with, I assure you they are not anyone's problemn but your own.

I am sure someone thinks you are brave.

As for the Governor not enforcing the law, you need to show me when it was an executiion in Maryland was not carried out under the law during the O'Malley Administration.

If you can't, then this statement - "O'Malley outright refused to uphold the law..." is really nothing more than a theoretical cheap shot from you and a whole host of Republicans who now appear to be marching in "lock-step."

Saying anything for cause?

Who needs talking points. I have folks who either make it up as they go or can't their facts straight.

P. Kenneth Burns said...

First and foremost, here's a fact for you, he couldn't. The Court of Appeals ruling in late 2006 proclaimed a defacto moratorium because it ruled that the death penalty protocols were not properly issued. The options were to issue new protocols or repeal the death penalty. O'Malley is and has been vocally against the death penalty, to the point that he testified during the first attempt to repeal capital punishment in 2007. It failed that year. 365 days later, the general assembly tries again, and it dies in a Senate committee...again. Two to three months later, O'Malley is just getting around to protocols that should have been issued last year.

O'Malley did not break the law by holding an execution, he refused to uphold the law by issuing new protocols and violating Section One, Article Nine of the Maryland Constitution where he is charged BY OATH to support the laws of Maryland without partiality.

So I can say that O'Malley refused to uphold the law. And as I said, the editorial boards of The Washington Times, The Capital also support this argument in addition, THE CERTAIN LIBERAL BLOGGER,, agreed with Streiff last year that O'Malley is not honoring his oath.

Also, can you please tell me what were you trying to say in this paragraph: "As for the Governor not enforcing the law, you need to show me when it was an executiion in Maryland was not carried out under the law during the O'Malley Administration."


A Life Well Lived said...

I am sure life would be easier for you if all opposing voices "stifled" for you.

But why do you run towards censorship as part of your argument?

Allow me to rephrase the question you didn't have the courage to answer. It's fairly simple: SHOW ME AN SCHEDULED EXECUTION THAT DIDN'T TAKE PLACE IN MARYLAND BECAUSE OF ANYTHING DONE OR NOT DONE BY THIS GOVERNOR.

Do you really think I am supposed to be impressed that the Washington Times editorial board agrees with you and your partisan political cheap shot?

It's no surprise from the Washington Times. They "reach" far afield often and take cheap shots everyday on behalf of their Republican cause.

That you found a liberal blogger who wants exactly the opposite of what you desire for entirely different reasons is disingenuous on your part. Or, do you want all death sentences commuted, too?

Claiming O'Malley violated his oath on this is just pathetic pandering of the right-wing kind.

Now that the key issues pending before the Supreme Court are settled, the process is moving forward in a sober and serious fashion; exactly as they should.

Jumping quickly into the legal abyss would have been foolhardy with a Supreme Court decision unsettled.

But if your blood-lust wasn't satisfied, at least you know that no execution was delayed or avoided in Maryland as a result of the Supreme Court's thoughtful and deliberate pace.

Again, none of this has anything to do with anyone whining. A man discussing his views while doing his job legally is all anyone sees because that's all there is, your weak attempt to find an issue that isn’t there notwithstanding.

But you keep pounding your talking points anyway. No demand for "stifle" here.