Friday, May 30, 2008

Red Maryland and The Ehrlichs Redux

I have the honor to once again be a guest on the Kendel and Bob Show on WBAL. I will be on tomorrow morning from 9-10:30.

We will discuss the flap over the nomination of Little Tommy Miller, Nat Exum, and I'm sure the breaking news about Ulysses "Lobbyists have no influence" Currie .

Tune in, log on, get informed.


Greg Kline said...

When does WBAL finally just put you on the payroll?

Way to go superstar!

Daniel said...

I am listening to the show right now and Mark brings up an excellent point that I believe those of us here have mentioned before.

BGE has been empowered to pass to us costs for being energy efficient. (AKA, CFL bulbs charge on our monthly bills.)

Ain't it great?

Paying more for using less energy!