Friday, May 30, 2008

The Message of the Black Church

So another clergyman from Obama’s Church, Trinity, has gotten in trouble for what he’s saying. I’m sure you’ve seen it, if not, here it is. And he’s apologized, Obama’s disowned, and the Politico reports that the Obama campaign insiders thinks that Pfleger should of “known better” than to attack Hillary from the pulpit.

The problem is, everybody is wrapped up in the messenger, the personalities and not the actual message. If this is really the state of the black church message, this country is in trouble. Pfleger's assertions that we continue the victimization of African Americans and refuse to move on from the "past that divides us" or )some other slogan that Obama would use to appeal to whites) should be the concer.


Greg Kline said...

Trinity is not a Lutheran church but is assoicated with the United Church of Christ.

As a lifelong Lutheran of many generations, I have to correct this offensive error!

P. Kenneth Burns said...

and let's add to the fact that Pflegler is a Catholic Priest.

Martin Watcher said...

Greg, I apologize for that error. But we're still ignoring the content of Pfleger's comments for a superficial outlay.

Mr. Burns, I'm not sure about St. Sabina's standing in the Catholic Church because no where on their website do they mention the Catholic faith.

I find that very odd. I know that Pfleger has gotten into considerable trouble with the Catholic church.

Greg Kline said...


Apology accepted. I am sure you meant no ill will but the UCC and the ELCA or the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church are very different for reason elucidated by these types of outrageous comments.

"But we're still ignoring the content of Pfleger's comments for a superficial outlay."

I am not sure what you mean here. The issue is the political and theological philosophy of the Church Barack Obama has been closely a part of for decades as represented by these statements and those of Rev. Wright and those in writings issued by the Church.

Misassigning them to other denominations who would reject such outrageousness, part and parcel and trinity and arguably the UCC, is no superficial outlay but in fact materially distracts to the overall point of how far out of the mainstream these pastors, Trinity and ergo Obama are.

P. Kenneth Burns said...

Martin, please call me Kenny. :-)

I had pulled this from the church's old website:

"As the largest African-American Catholic Church and school in the Chicago Archdiocese, St. Sabina pursues its mission of faith and justice with no operating support from the Chicago Archdiocese. While this is a remarkable accomplishment for a Church in any community, it is a credit to the Faith of the parishioners who count on St. Sabina to renew them spiritually and educationally."

Plus there has been some references to him as both "Rev. Michael Pfleger" and "Fr. Michael Pfleger."

bruce.godfrey said...

St. Sabina is a church under the jurisdiction of His Eminence Francis Cardinal George, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Chicago.

But the query is entirely reasonable. The Imani Temple (no website!) is a schismatic and (from an orthodox Catholic standpoint) heretical collection of churches whose leader, the Reverend George Stallings, was excommunicated in 1990. Its mother church is on Capitol Hill and serves as the seat of the "Patriarch" of that communion.