Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Frank Kratovil We Trust

True to form, Michael Swartz (of MonoBlogue fame) offered us some excellent analysis of Congressional candidate Frank Kratovil and his campaign. Without disagreeing with Michael, I believe that questioning Kratovil's sincerity on certain issues needs to be explored a bit deeper.

Kratovil claims that he is not a liberal. I take him at his word. In all honesty, there is no evidence that Kratovil possesses any true political philosophy. Kratovil will pander to any group in order to attain the votes necessary for victory.

Frank Kratovil is the poster child of the post-Reagan Democrat candidate. The Rahm Emmanuel / Chris Van Hollen strategy is to run candidates, like Kratovil, who can campaign like a moderate / conservative yet revel in the total lack of political and moral courage that they may come to Washington and betray their constituents.

Kratovil traverses the length and breadth of Maryland's First District telling his would be constituents that he will be tough on immigration, protect our environment and protect our 2nd amendment rights. Can he be believed?

Let's assume for one flashing moment that the Maryland First actually sent Frank Kratovil to Congress. During his "freshman orientation" he will hire a staff, recommended to him by the likes of Rep. Chris Van Hollen, a true bastion of conservative thought and belief. He will draw lots for an office. He will be privileged to have brief, private meetings with the likes of House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Speaker "Little Tommy" Pelosi.

During these meetings it will be explained to him that Pelosi, Hoyer, and the balance of the Democrat leadership will try to allow him to keep his word to "the folks back home". However, when needed it will be EXPECTED that he vote, not according to the needs of his district, but according to the wishes of the leftist special interests who rule his party. Of course there will be no mention of ideology or philosophical belief because the post-Reagan Democrat, by necessity, has none.

If elected, it will be explained to Kratovil that he need not worry about voting against the wishes of poor, unknowing and uneducated masses across the Chesapeake Bay. By selling out the best interests of his district, he will be rewarded. Assignments to choice committees and canvas bags stuffed with special interest money are the perquisites of those that obey the iron law of "Little Tommy".

Did I mention PORK? Barrels of bacon for the obedient Judas.

If Kratovil were true to his word? A cramped office on a dark corridor of a high floor. No money funneled through the leadership. Assignment of committees of least relevance to his district. Such are the awards for not selling the souls of the people who elected you.

Given the choices, can we honestly expect a hypothetically elected Frank Kratovil to be tough on illegal immigration when the Democrat party line is to register illegals to vote within 30 minutes of crossing the border? Will Kratovil protect not only the hunting heritage of the Eastern Shore, but our inalienable right to keep and bear arms?

As for the environment, the question lies not in how much protection will be provided to our ecosystem, but in how much taxpayer money can be spent on frivolous government boondoggles that merely provide lip service to environmental stewardship.

We can only hope that the votes of Maryland's First District see through the smoke and mirrors and realize that what Frank Kratovil says will seldom, if ever, translate into what he would do.

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ShoreThings said...

Can you deny that the same scenario will happen to a freshman Republican elected in MD-1 or any other district in the country?

Paul said...

In fact, what you'll end up with from "Andy" is a sad little voice in a tiny minority House caucus - if what is happening to the GOP nationwide continues - with very little gravitas to fight for the things he believes or the district's interests.

In fact, it would be perfect for him - he's used to it. But, not for the people of Maryland.

Fightin' Mad said...

Having heard Harris speak and talked to him about issues, I see him as a Jeff Flake type of COngressman. Someone who understands what is right and will do it regardless of the opinion of leadership. What is popular is not always right and what what is right is hardly ever popular! Harris has a strong record in the Senate of this and will continue his fight in DC. He won't become a lacky to leadership, unlike others in this race.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. It demonstrates the problem with electing Frank Kratovil. Almost no so-called "conservative" Democrats are actually voting conservative in Congress. If they do, they get run out of town on a rail by Dem leadership. Actually, it's Republican leadership in Congress that tends to tolerate more dissension and deviation from the traditional conservative line. If Andy votes conservatively once he's there, by the way, then he WILL be doing what's best for the district.