Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Frank Kratovil Wants YOUR $2,300

As noted before, Queen Anne's States Attorney (and Democrat Congressional candidate) Frank Kratovil claims to be running as a moderate / conservative Democrat. Kratovil also loves to whine about where his opponent, Maryland Sen. Andy Harris (R-7), is raising his money.

Of course politics loves hypocrisy, particularly when coming from Democrats. Perhaps this explains why Kratovil is raising money at a fundraiser hosted by local lefty Mike Pretl.


Pretl, in addition to being a nice guy, possesses impeccable lefty credentials. In addition to his work with WET (our own local radical tree-huggers), Pretl is also affiliated with the "Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition" (a group whose ultimate goal is to socialize our healthcare system). While I never asked him, I wouldn't be shocked to find out that Mike is a '60's veteran of the SDS, the Rap Brown era SNCC, and / or even the Weatherman.

I will give Mike credit. He's a true believer.

Now there's certainly nothing wrong with Kratovil having a fundraiser in Wicomico County, or at Mike Pretl's home. The problem lies with Kratovil's rank hypocrisy.

He whines like a baby that Andy Harris is raising too much money from out of state. He also is trying to sell the voters of Maryland's First District that he is a "different kind of Democrat".

It is true that Harris is raising money from out of state. That money primarily comes from two sources:
  • Doctors - who are more likely to support one of their own for elected office (that's why Kratovil's contributor list is chock-a-block full of lawyers).
  • Individuals who believe in personal liberty, low taxes, and a strong economy. Many of theses relatively small contributions are being bundled through the Club for Growth.
Kratovil is raising out of state money too; and his reported totals are a bit misleading. Kratovil's a recipient of Big Labor's generosity with their members' money. Even the money reported as coming from locals and District Councils does not necessarily come from local sources.

That leads us to the little house on the Nanticoke on June 9th. Kratovil wants First District voters to believe that he is a died in wool, Eastern Shore conservative Democrat. Forget the fact that he's from PG County.

Why would a prominent arch-liberal like Pretl be raising money for Kratovil if his expected performance in Congress is more closely allied with my point of view than Pretl's? The answer is simple, Pretl and his liberal Democrat friends know that Kratovil would be more allied with "Little Tommy" Pelosi and the radical left wing of the Democrat party than Kratovil is willing to let on.

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Anonymous said...

Your question,"Why would a prominent arch-liberal like Pretl be raising money for Kratovil?" The answer is easy, because like many conservative republicans, Pretl thinks Kratovil is the better candidate to represent the 1st. district.

A Life Well Lived said...

Isn't having a moderate better than having a guy who is proud of having done nothing as an elected official, screaming about his extreme right-wing agenda and taking his do-nothing record to the next level?

This in a Congress that will see Democrats grow their advantage by 70 to 80 seats?

Pretl just looks to me like he appreciate progress as opposed to a whiney ideologue.

bud said...

Harris will try to paint Kratovil as some hardened liberal. Honestly, that's the only camapign tactic he seems to know. With Kratovil, it won't fly though.

The Waterman said...

Actually Bud, there's no reason it wouldn't. Kratovil has no record to stand on. Of course, that means that he'll try and run as a conservative Democrat, one of the Blue Dogs. And every single one of those Blue Dogs currently in Congress has betrayed their conservative views when Nancy Pelosi said to after the 2006 win for the Democrats.
Furthermore, if you look at his issues page every single one of his stances is vague and meaningless. Only by reading between the lines do his grossly liberal stances begin to emerge:

"I support affordable, quality health care for every American citizen."
Blatant left-wing speak for socialized, universal healthcare, funded by exorbitant tax hikes.

"I will be a leader on environmental issues, especially preserving and protecting our treasured Chesapeake Bay."
Once again, not so subtle code, this time meaning infringing on private property rights in order to indulge in the ravings of a few environmental misanthropists.

"I will fight for fiscal responsibility in Congress and a balanced federal budget."
He'll claim this, but what evidence is there Frank will really do this. He is not a signer of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge (which multiple Blue Dog Democrats have done), nor does he have any provisions on his website for a Balanced Budget Amendment or Transparency efforts, the two simplest and easiest ways to ensure fiscal accountability.

In short, Frank is a few vague slogans covering up no record and a readiness to adopt strong left-wing positions once he's in Congress. Is Andy Harris perfect? Not by a long-shot. But he's a hell of a lot better than the other option.

Anonymous said...

i refuse to vote for another larry craig republican.

A Life Well Lived said...

It's sort of like this stuff:

"With five children in school, Andy understands the importance of providing a quality education to our children in order to let them succeed in today's workplace."

Or, is it that you just want to believe that Andy can do anything within a Congress in which he will be a rookie amongst the shrinking minority party.

That's about as weak as one can get in DC and still be called elected.

Mark Newgent said...

Why is that people think that government is always supposed "to do something?"

I find it refreshing to hear a politican say that they are going to stop government from doing something, especially when it comes to silly and ill-defined notions of "progress." I know in the liberal mind progress is just a epuhemism for "all good things", however, if you look at the history of progressivism it has some very ugly skeletons in its closet.

Martin O'Malley claimed "progress" after the special session. Please tell me how that fleecing of the taxpayers is "progress?"

Sometimes the mark of successful politician is not what he "got done," but rather what he stopped government from doing.

After all William F. Buckley Jr. defined a conservative as someone who stands athwart history yelling stop.

I always enjoy the sand pounding ignorance of liberals who trash conservative politicians for not doing anything, when in essence that is what conservatives who vote for them want them to do.

A Life Well Lived said...

And yet we listen to the conservatives call the current congress a "do-nothing" congress and conservatives have web sites full of stuff they're going to "do"

Selective indignation, Mark?

Or one eye blind.

A Life Well Lived said...

Oh, and speaking of "stopping" things - Harris was a big failure at that, as well.

ShoreThings said...

Would that hypocrisy be similar to jumping on the coat tails of John McCain who is pro embryonic stem cell research and pro environment? Andy made that leap in the blink of an eye. Pretl has two choices, Andy Harris and Frank Kratovil. It would make sense that he would hold a fundraiser for Kratovil, because a moderate Democrat is much closer to him politically than a right wingnut Republican.

Mark Newgent said...


Perhaps you forgot that this Democratic Congress came in with claims to do many things... like end the war etc...

Perhaps you misunderstand the conservative criticism as throwing their do nothingness back in their face

Perhaps you do not understand the conservative argument that the best best plan is to argue "Do Nothing, Congress"

Perhaps it is the case you don't know anything about conservatism other than it is your euphemism for all bad things. Conservatism has a definition and it actually means something, beyond your use of it as a pejorative. Quite clearly your are clueless to that fact.

Nowhere have you made an argument of any kind other than inane prattle about an "extreme right wing agenda" or a "whiney ideologue."

A Life Well Lived said...

So you praise a "do-nothing" mentality unless you can use the same thing to attack others.

Interesting approach to principled conservatism.

America is just about to make the Senate filibuster - which protected Bush's war "path and plans" - a smaller mountain to climb.

Your problem isn't that I don't understand you. Your problem is that you don't understand anything else but your view.

When you run out of facts, insight or argument to make your case always go after the messenger.

It the easiest path for today's "conservative" - extremist, right-wing or otherwise.

(By the way, a lot of conservatives actually like and use the term "right-wing" to describe themselves. Andy Harris is one of them, unless he's running and needs more votes than his little wing of the party can provide.)

You know and use what makes you feel comfortable:


So don't get all high and mighty when it turns on you.

Mark Newgent said...

No, its a critique of the Democratic Congress' record based on their rhetoric, which is a fair crticism to level. But that seems to be beyond your level comprehension.

I perfectly understand liberal views because I happen to have been one. So who is the one here who only understands thier own views?

I'm not "going after the messenger." I'm going after the messenger's shallow reasoning and lack of an argument.

Your comment is nothing more than deflection. Again, I ask where is your argument?

Thanks for proving my point.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that the voters in three very GOP districts this year have voted to trust Democrats to represent them in Congress.

And, apparently the "conservative" Democrats elected in GOP districts in 2006 must have kept their constituents happy because not one faces a serious challenge just two years later.

so I guess people are happy with their do nothing congress and are going to give even more control to the democrats this year.

Anonymous said...

Attention gun owners. Mike Pretl, Frank Kratovil's buddy and fundraiser, is the former president of Ceasefire Maryland and MAHA, Marylanders Against Handgun Abuse. Kratovil is aligning himself with the anti-gun zealots from Prince George's County. Mike Pretl supports full-scale gun confiscation, as does, I presume, Frank Kratovil.

Anonymous said...

All of your chatter is worthless...this election comes down to a simple question. Do you want an "ally of Martin O'Malley" in Washington DC, or do you want an ally of Bob Ehrlich's in Washington DC? My guess is that the First Congressional District will choose the latter 7 days a week.

Anonymous said...

I thought all of Bob Ehrlich's allies were in Jail.

Lets see.... Tom Delay, Bob NAy, Jack Abramoff......