Thursday, May 29, 2008

FBI Searching Ulysses Currie's Home

WBAL Radio is reporting that the FBI is executing a search the PG County home of State Senator Ulysses Currie. Currie chairs the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. FBI agents are also searching the Lanham headquarters of Shoppers Food Warehouse in connection with the search of Currie's home.

No details on the nature of the search...yet.

Readers may remember Currie is the legislator who said, "Lobbyists almost have no influence on the vote."

Is Nat Exum sweating?

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P. Kenneth Burns said...

Mark, I am looking to see how Exum explains this one personally. Remember what he said at an NAACP meeting in Prince George's recently, "Any time a black man tries to stand up to the powers that be, they try to vilify him."

Last I checked, Exum's only crime was attempting to tax the computer industry.