Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attention Ron Smith Fans

The Ron Smith Show fans will be meeting this Friday, May 30, at 5:00pm at Panera Bread in Hunt Valley. Come listen to the last hour of Talk Show Man's program.

Skip Loeffler talk with us about the Maryland Constitution, the workings of the General Assembly, and the 2010 Constitutional Convention.

Visit their website and read about the group or view the poll to RSVP for Friday.


Greg Kline said...

Maybe Ron will expound upon his views on our war to maintain our shaky control of Eurasia and prop up our Empire of Debt.

Chester Peake said...

"... the last hour of Talk Show Man's Program" had me scared. It looked like it would actually be his last hour, like the show was being cancelled or something!!

Upon going to the website it looks like my fears were unjustified.

Please be very careful how you word things, it can cause heart stoppage issues! Thanks!