Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two Days Late

Two days after reading it here, the Sun finally gets around to reporting John Flynn's departure (without crediting me, of course):

Party seeking new director
The Maryland Republican Party is looking for a new executive director after John Flynn resigned this week to take a job as general counsel for Americans for Prosperity, a public interest group in Washington.

Flynn became the party's executive director in January 2007 as Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley took office after defeating former Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.

Later that year, the party reported that it was nearly broke. State GOP Chairman James Pelura said yesterday that Flynn helped rebuild the party and draw more small donations that allowed it to pay off debts.

"I was left with a lot of debt and very little fundraising ability in the way of large donors," Pelura said. "The Republican base is excited and energized again, and John was instrumental in helping me see that through."
I'll let you interpret the comments that you just read regarding the state of the party for yourselves...



Anonymous said...

It is a non-news item because there is no republican party in Maryland. Maybe there was forty years ago, but no more. The so called party can't even keep a solid front, ie. the special session.

Anonymous said...

I thought Brian claimed that Flynn left for the Harris campaign? Oh, so the Baltimore Sun had to cover this just to correct Brian's misinformation. Maybe Brian should apply for the Executive Director spot. That way the party can continue to release press releases with spelling errors and crappy facts.