Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rosapepe Continues To Blame Enron; nearly a year later

(MDPT) -In this week's edition of the Laurel Leader, Prince George's Senator Jim Rosapepe (D-Dist. 21) continues to blame Enron for urging the passage of utility deregulation in Maryland, while advocating for re-regulation. The spin machine is cranked up.

In the letter to the editor, Rosapepe called the 1999 rate deregulation as disaster for working families and a boon for Constellation Energy. He also said that Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) "stood up" to the parent company of BGE and "forced them" to roll back $2 billion in overcharges.

This is not the first time my Senator has pulled this one out from nowhere. He originally came up with this one last year, when he wrote, basically the same thing in The Gazette. The current letter was also published in this weekend's edition of The Gazette as well.

Another politician, trying to re-write history. And so it goes...


John said...

Anyone that had any involvement w/ any of the Enron cases knows there is no direct correlation between Enron and the Constellation/BGE mess. Enron went out of business and Constellation is now printing money!! Opposite ends of the spectrum.

Anonymous said...

In 1999?

You bet your sweet bippy ENRON was a player in this debate. In Maryland.

Anyone who says different doesn't know what they're talking about.

ENRON by the way, is not out of business. They just don't rip off consumers as much as they used to.

John said...

As an Enron trial consultant, I know what I an talking about. "NO relationship between Enron and BGE." I am not sure what "Anonymous'" credentials are, but it safe to assume they are someone's parrott!! Probably yellow.

Anonymous said...


You're disputing a point no one made.

ENRON was player in Maryland's deregulation debate in 1999. So was BGE.

Both of them lobbied for "deregulation."

If that's the relationship you're disputing then you might be right when using the word "direct."

But you would also be misleading.

You might be a great trial consultant - but you're not much on historical facts outside the courtroom.

Being so forthcoming with the claim of a first name and profession makes you a pillar of courage?

I don't think so.

John said...

I guess that I will see you in court, where you will no longer be anonymous and we will find out on who's behalf you are blogging for!

Anonymous said...

Looks like John has a point. In a court setting we find out how much you really know lacking the putrid bluster you now rant with.

Repeating things you are told do not make them right. You probably know this already.