Monday, April 21, 2008

Name the Elephant at the Zoo

The elephant. It is the proud symbol of the Republican Party. However, in the state of Maryland, it is a symbol of hatred, especially in Annapolis. On the other hand, we have a new elephant that gives everyone a chance to be proud.

The contest to name the baby elephant at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore (more commonly known as the Baltimore Zoo), will be coming to a conclusion soon. The winner will be announced on Saturday April 26th.

The final names are:

1) Chewie
2) Crush
3) Duke
4) Samson
5) Zeus

Now, the problem with these names is that none have anything to do with Baltimore or Maryland. You honestly cannot have an elephant named Duke in Maryland. I think the name of the elephant should have something to do with our great city or state. I have come up with my own list of potential names that you can vote on.

1) Drive-by Shooting (we could call him DBS for short)
2) GSW (short for gun shot wound)
3) Structural Deficit
4) Stop Snitchin'
5) Carbon Credit
6) School Teacher Beater
7) Slots
8) Computer Tax
9) Speed Camera
10) Overzealous Liberal

Vote on your favorite or give your suggestions!

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Duke hoops fan said...

The choice should be obvious but then again, I'm partial. If we cannot agree on #3 then how about sludge, marty, or MD4Bush?

Martin Watcher said...

How about Con"1cent"fromus

Eludius said...

I like MD4Bush!!!

Eludius said...
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Daniel said...

How about Carbon Debit??


Daniel said...

ooo ooo !