Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lacking Speculation

There has been a lack of speculation out there regarding the possible names who are being considered to fill the vacancy as the Executive Director of the Maryland Republican Party. In fact, I have heard of no names being seriously considered, at least names that have made their way to me.

The quick turnaround of the deadline for resumes to be sent to Jim Pelura seems like it may limit the ability of the party to conduct a national search for a replacement. It will be interesting to see if that in anyway impacts the final selection.

So at this time, I can only speculate as to how many resumes have been submitted for the position. But I can confirm this: that after receiving encouragement from several individuals, I have in fact submitted my resume for consideration. I am extremely grateful for those individuals who have confidence in my abilities and in and asking me to consider serving. And while I do not expect to be selected to fill the vacancy, I feel like I have a duty given my critique of John Flynn's job performance to seek the opportunity to replace him.

We'll see where we go from here...



Rogers said...

dude... seriously... the job is going to Corey Stottlemeyer. As it should. He has experience in Annapolis, and in campaigning. The guy should have gotten the ED job from the start. And I don't mean that to be offensive to you in your application. But Corey already has it.

Anonymous said...

Corey should have it, or possibly Phil Dacey or Justin Ready...all have great qualifications.