Monday, April 28, 2008

An Inspired Choice

Justin Ready has been tapped to be the New Executive Director of the Maryland Republican Party. And if you are expecting to come here waiting to read me blasting the choice....then you'll be disappointed.

The selection of Justin is an inspired choice. Justin actually brings together a lot of the practical perspectives that one needs in order to be a successful Director in the modern age. He has strategic, grassroots, legislative and organization experience. Most importantly, and this is something that I have been harping on for a while, he is a blogger who has some understanding of the importance of the new medium.

Jim Pelura went out on a limb in naming Justin and interviewing a lot of nontraditional candidates. I thank him for that, as well as giving me the opportunity as well. And I am glad that he went against the grain. Rumors swirled all weekend that the choice was going to be Harris Campaign Manager Chris Meekins, and had Meekins been selected we would have looked back at the age of John Flynn as the halcyon days of good management, and we all know how poor of a job Flynn did during his tenure.

I wish Justin well and look forward to working with him.



Higgy said...

I truly hope this person can revive the currently dead Republican party in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

away from Andy and towards another direction.

A smart move.

Anonymous said...


Ready failed at the Pipkin Campaign

Ready failed at making his state senator boss no longer the laughing stock of the State Senate.

Now Ready gets a promotion to head the MDGOP. And people wonder why the MDGOP is a joke.

Greg Kline said...

I love the courage of anonymous commenters.

He failed to get Mike Huckabee elected President, too!

Let's at least let the guy start before you nitpick. He is a bright, talented guy with a good history in Maryland politics.

I think we will do a great job and if the party is a joke it will not be for a lack of effort on his party but the collective nudnicks like Mr. A who have nothing intelligent or constructive to add.