Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Economic Lunacy

North Carolina is facing the same bullet Maryland dodged when the Global Warming Solutions Act died in the House Economic Matters Committee this past legislative session.

The policy recommendations emanating from North Carolina's Climate Action Plan Advisory Group are eerily similar to those recommended by our own Maryland Commission on Climate Change. Why is that? Well because they were written by the same Soros/Rockefeller/Heinz funded alarmist advocacy group the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS).

Carolina's John Locke Foundation, a free market think tank, commissioned the Beacon Hill Institute to conduct a peer review of CCS' economic analysis. CCS claimed that its policy recommendations would create jobs, benefit that state's economy and help stop global warming.

Beacon Hill's findings lay bare the fallacy of CCS' claims.

North Carolina would lose more than 33,000 jobs and face a $4.5 billion hit to its Gross State Product by 2011, if lawmakers adopt just a fraction of the policies under consideration now to address climate change. A Boston-based economist who has analyzed the policy proposals will deliver that message Tuesday to a legislative study group.The policies studied also would cost the state more than $502million in investment, lower real disposable income by $2.2 billion, and reduce state and local revenue by more than $184 million, said David Tuerck, chairman of the Suffolk University Department of Economics and executive director of the department’s research arm, the Beacon Hill Institute...

"You can’t create jobs that are good jobs — that are adding to the state economy — by shifting workers from more productive to less productive activities,” he added. “You can’t create good jobs, the kind of jobs you want to create, by increasing energy costs, by increasing the price of electricity, by imposing what amount to new taxes. This is not the way to create jobs. All these claims about job creation and the like are bogus claims and unsupportable by even the most na├»ve sort of economic analysis...

Saner heads may prevail in the Tar Heel state. In Maryland however, the environmentalists are looking to reload the clip and put two in the head of our state's economy.


Anonymous said...

If that is what some right-wing funded think tank housed within a university says, then it must be believed.

Without question. No agenda there.

"The institute describes itself as "grounded in the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets"[4], and has accepted funding in recent years from conservative foundations such as the Castle Rock Foundation (funded by the Coors family) and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation."

Roger said...

Wow, defending a group funded by Soros, Heinz and Rockefeller by attacking the other group for being funded by Coors and the Bradley Foundation.

You're basically saying that the other side is wrong and your side is wrong also. Thanks for discounting everybody.

Duke hoops fan said...

anonymous -

What flavor was your kool-aid today?

Mark Newgent said...

You can talk about funding all you want, but the Beacon Hill peer reiview has the added value of being true. CCS policy recommendations will create draconian restraints on economic growth, kill jobs, and raise energy costs among a whole host of other costs.

Europe is experiencing this very consequence from Kyoto.

Anonymous said...

So one side is "true" because your kool-aid is what?

To your liking?

You do realize that declaring it "be" so, does not prove it to be so.

But I have to give it to you. You do not lack in confidence. Your faith is unquestioned. But, it remains only that, not proof.

Chester Peake said...

Mark: Good Job!

See my post about how even some libs are seeing the light about dangerous green policies.

Anonymous said...

The rest of the world is leaving you behind including the right-wing.

Bush, McCain, Bartlett, Gingrich, Pat Robertson...I almost feel sorry for you.

Duke hoops fan said...

Anon -

blah, blah, blah! Try reading your own crap sometine whack job.

Anonymous said...

Trying understanding the writing and making a worthwhile comment, sometime.

Is your prooblem that you just don't having anything to contribute, so you lash out?