Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cut Bait NOW

I was always kinda confused as to why Andy Harris would hitch his wagon to factually challenged third-rate Delaware blogger Joe Albero in the primary season. It seemed odd that Harris would put himself in league with someone so controversial and disliked in the Eastern Shore precincts that will be so crucial to victory in this November's General Election.

Today, Albero added to his extensive history with Maryland's judiciary today now that he is facing charges related to an investigation by the Comptroller's Office.

Now, I'm not here to bury Albero; he has enough problems and I don't want the kinda karma slapping me in the face that slapped him in the face (though certain sections of the blogosphere think this is like manna from heaven)....

...but the Harris Campaign needs to extricate themselves from Albero now. The fact of the matter is that Harris cannot have this kind of albatross hanging around his neck for six-plus months. True, Albero has no official role in the campaign, but Harris does associate his campaign with Albero and makes extensive use of Albero's blog to propagate information about his campaign. And given Senator Harris' position on taxes, having someone associated so closely with the campaign involved in an investigation stemming from the Comptroller's Office probably doesn't send the kind of message the Harris Campaign wants voters to get.

Time will tell what the campaign will do, but the Harris team needs to cut bait right now.



Anonymous said...

Rather than cut bait, the Harris campaign posted their press release on the gas tax repeal on Albero's web site at 7:45 PM this evening.

bud said...

I'd be more impressed if Amigo Harris issued a press release vowing to disown Club for Growth, who loves the fact Shell and Exxon are enjoying maximum profits.