Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Polls in Maryland to remain open 'til 9:30pm??

From WBAL radio.

But you'll probably have to use a provisional ballot.
This is supposedly due to the weather.

Is the weather really so bad they have to change the rules mid-stream?
ADDENDUM- That's Ice out there, not just rain.

Also: Brian Griffiths, Greg Kline, and Mark Newgent report they are on WAMD radio discussing the primary and other info (From Brian's Blog)


Brian Griffiths said...

Well, we were supposed to have a studio/phone hybrid today and the weather is not cooperating....

Chester Peake said...

Sorry to hear that... Hope you can re-schedule.

Daniel said...

The precinct where I worked was notified around 7:40pm that we would remain open and working until 9:30pm. We had 9 folks show up past 8pm.

We were informed the rules/process for extended hours were to use paper ballots. Not the Diebold TS Units.

How it worked, those who came & belonged to the precinct got proper party full ballots. We had one of the 9 had to vote provisionally (always paper)because it wasn't his proper precinct.