Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Republic of Fear?

This does not bear on Maryland politics rather it has to do with some of the twaddle that passes for thought at Free State Politics.

Commenting on Rick Pearlstein's post at Campaign for America's Future, Isaac Smith writes:

Needless to say, I found the reaction to Iran's president visiting the US this week, especially among conservatives, to be rather depressing. The idea that by talking to our enemies, we legitimate what they stand for, is one of the most idiotic ideas gripping certain parts of the country, and betrays nothing if not a lack of confidence in the beliefs that have governed this republic since
its founding -- a republic that neither needs to rule through fear, nor is ruled by it.
Either Smith did not actually read conservative commentary about A'Jad's visit to Columbia or he cannot understand it. Either way it is truly ridiculous and adds further proof that progressives are long on anger and short on thought.


streiff said...

this is just lunacy.

If you see the version of events broadcast to Ahmadinejad's home audience, and indeed the Middle East, you don't see the Columbia president calling him out, our the laughter at his remarks. You see a very, very successful speech by Ahmadinejad.

For the left, who always claims the Long War is about winning hearts and minds rather than stacking up islamofascists like cordwood it is simply mindboggling to see them not recognize a crushing propaganda victory by Iran but, instead, to talk about it like it was useful.

Isaac Smith and the Free State Politics crowd seem dead set on proving that democracy can be a suicide pact.

Brian Gill said...

I think it's worse than lunacy--it's almost unforgiveable. Didn't General Patreus just say that Iran is waging a proxy war in Iraq? How can we allow this man, who is killing our fellow citizens, to have any priviledges in this country?